5 Vue JS Project Ideas For Beginners

There are a number of reasons you may want to start a simple Vue JS project. Practicing with Vue JS ideas makes it easier to code in future, providing another skill to help you get  hired or to start your own endeavor.

Vue JS is an excellent framework to learn as it is highly flexible and progressive. It uses the best features of other JavaScript libraries, melding them together to offer a huge range of possibilities. It is for this reason that huge companies like Alibaba, Xiaomi, Grammarly, Adobe, and even Nintendo use Vue JS.

If you haven’t started learning to use Vue JS just yet, we recommend starting with the basics. But if you are getting the hang of it and want to try out some interesting projects, you can try one or more of the following.


The easiest Vue JS project to start with is a simple calculator. Calculators are not the most exciting thing to create, especially now that you can just type your equation into Google. However, it provides a way to experiment with the framework. It won’t take you long at all to create the calculator, and then you can play around with the UI and style.

Checkout Forms

This is a big step up from a calculator, but not because the Vue JS components of this project are particularly hard. Rather, it is because a checkout form may need to combine a number of components. If you want to create some simple components that require user input, you can use this Vue WYSIWYG editor, which provides great out-of-box experience.

Checkout forms are a good project to experiment with because they contain components used for so many other purposes. Remember to mess around a bit – you will benefit more from trying and failing than from only doing what you know.

Weather App

Creating a weather app is a fun use of your time and a good way to get to know Vue JS. It will take just a few hours to efficiently code a well-designed weather app that looks great. You don’t need to provide accurate data from the start, as you are just experimenting, but you can use live data from reliable sources once your app looks and acts as you want it to.

Tutorials and Recipes

Vue JS is perfect for creating to-do lists, which also makes it ideal for tutorials and recipes. When you are creating a tutorial or a recipe, you are essentially building a to-do list that requires tasks to be completed in a specific order. Your app can provide a number of tutorials to choose from, in which the user learns to create something themselves.

There are many ways to level-up an app of this kind. Being able to break down certain steps, for instance, may help users who need a bit more guidance. You can add alternatives and substitutes for ingredients of any given recipe.

The above 5 projects are great ways to explore Vue JS. Get started with this intuitive framework used by some of the biggest companies and you won’t look back.


Writing Skills: What are They for and How Can You Improve Them?

Writing is an important skill you need to use for many different purposes. From daily tasks like writing emails to preparing presentations or writing assignments, good writing skills can make a difference. If you want to know how to improve as a writer, the following tips can help.  

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What are writing skills?

Writing skills allow you to communicate through the written word. They include:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Sentence construction
  • Vocabulary
  • Structure
  • Clarity
  • Persuasiveness

Each of the above elements has an influence on the fluency and clarity of your writing. If you want to know how to improve your writing skills, it will involve practice and dedication. You can’t expect to become a good writer unless you work at it. 

Avoid plagiarism

It is important to check academic writing with a plagiarism checker to make sure there’s no plagiarism. The well-known tool, Fixgerald, is a plagiarism checker with percentage that allows you to check your text comprehensively. Copy in your text, and a report highlights all possible plagiarism errors. You can make adjustments and then recheck your text to see how the plagiarism level has changed. The system does not store your content anywhere, so your privacy is protected. There is no check limit on how much you can check. 

Focus on grammar and spelling

Learning grammar and spelling is essential if your plan is to learn to write better. It makes your writing understandable. For example, the incorrect use of commas can give a sentence a different meaning from the one you intend. A full stop in the wrong place can make a sentence confusing. You can find many resources online to help you improve your spelling and grammar. Many tools like Grammarly, can help you find and fix basic spelling and grammar errors.

Source – Freepik

Read and learn from good examples

Reading can help you to improve your writing. If you have to write a book review, you need to read some to see how they are structured. If you’re working on a school assignment, it helps to read some well-written assignments to see what’s required.  

Make reading part of your daily life, such as reading the news in the morning or picking up a novel when you go to bed. It helps to motivate you to read if you find authors, genres or subjects you enjoy. 

Proofread your work

Before proofreading your work, take a little time and come back to it with fresh eyes. Start with some easy fixes, like spelling errors. Once you have fixed spelling errors, you can move on to grammar errors, like using incorrect pronouns or the wrong tenses. After this, you can address larger problems, like awkward transitions between paragraphs. 

The Hemingway app helps you to avoid sentences that are too long and hard to understand. It flags passive voice and helps you to cut out unnecessary words.  

Get feedback

Asking for feedback from others is helpful. You may not see certain issues that others can identify. If you’re a student, your school may have a writing resource center where you can get feedback. Your peers or instructors can also give you feedback. Joining a writing class is another option.  

Understand the importance of structure

It’s often the structure of your writing that enables readers to understand your ideas. If you create an outline, it can help you to start with a structure in mind. You can put down the main ideas you want to convey and how they will flow from one to another. The structure will look different depending on what you want to write. An essay will typically have an introduction, a body containing paragraphs and a conclusion. 

Practice your skills

To practice your skills, one of the best ways to do so is to start a journal. Writing freely every day and expressing your thoughts can exercise your writing muscles. Starting a blog is another way to practice writing. 

Getting comments on your blog posts could encourage you to further improve your skills as you keep getting feedback on your good and bad areas. You could also try writing guest posts for other blogs on topics of interest to readers. These should be topics about which you have useful knowledge you can share. 


No matter what stage of life you are in or what career you choose, good writing skills will help you to communicate your ideas to others. Understanding basic rules, exposing yourself to the written word, and practicing will help you to develop your writing skills. 

Author’s Bio

Larry Smith knows that the modern education system is very pressurizing and assignment-oriented, which affects the student lives in a negative way. This is why, in his work as an essay writer, he always tries to extend maximum support to those who need writing and editing guidance. This makes him a much-cherished figure among students in the field of academic writing. 


Free Writing Tools for a Better Essay

Essay writing is a skill that every student requires to pass any academic course. Unfortunately, not everyone has the skills to create the best essay. Also, writing an essay is a complicated and time-consuming process. The whole process consists of stages, and if you miss even one, it will look vague and disappoint readers.

Another common problem many writers face is plagiarism. Yes, plagiarism is a serious misdemeanor. You can fail an assignment, your application for admission will be rejected, or worse, you can be expelled from college/university. Well, you would never want that to happen.

Luckily there are plenty of online essay writing services and apps to simplify essay writing. Now there are artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that are made to help you create quality essays on a variety of topics.

The best tools for writing essays

Essay App Essayshark

Essayshark is an essay app that provides free online writing tools to make students’ lives easier. With features such as a content generator, citation machine, grammar checker, and plagiarism checker, you’ll have a well-crafted essay at your disposal. Essayshark has sample essays by topic that you can browse for inspiration and formatting styles. Once there, you are sure to come away with either a document or an idea.

Essayshark also includes useful features such as a free essay title generator to match your essay.

Essayshark has everything a student needs to get the perfect essay in one place. There are so many tools to explore that once you sign up, you can be sure you’re off on a super exciting writing adventure.


Smodin has created several online tools to help students and academic writers improve their essay writing. The tools include a plagiarism checker, a citation generator, a text rewriting tool, an online editor, a speech-to-text tool, real-time subtitle translation, and multilingual grammar correction. These tools use deep search and machine learning technology and support over 50 languages.

The team has done its best to give you the right tools to improve the quality of your content (including grammar, formatting, and style). Smodin is your backup writer and editor for free and any content generator in any language. It’s excellent assistance regarding social media posts, emails, and other types of content.


Jasper is another best artificial intelligence-based essay writing tool that helps you create unique essays in minutes. The AI just needs one starting sentence from you to keep writing. In addition, the essay writer’s help has two opportunities. In the first case, you can start from scratch, and the content will be more tailored to the type of content required. Second, Jasper follows the current workflow by importing written text, such as a blog post. The essay writing bot can read 600 characters of text to set the context and build paragraphs.

Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid is a cloud-based essay writing program that helps you quickly find weak points, remove mistakes, and analyze your punctuation and grammar usage. The tool also has free and paid versions, but you can only run 500-word reports in the free version. In addition, the tool does not save your text because it meets the highest privacy standards and is GDPR compliant.

Paper Type

Not sure how to start an essay – stuck in the middle of the research process? Want to make sure your essay is free of grammatical errors and plagiarism? Try Paper Typer. This free AI-powered essay writing app will help you quickly find information on your topic, write flawless essays, get a structured and up-to-date draft, find and correct all grammar and punctuation errors, and detect plagiarism. In addition, Paper Typer creates the right formatting for your essay and suggests headings and subheadings to write the best essay possible.

Content Bot

Another of the best tools is the Content Bot. It helps you create content from short ideas, such as promotional texts, to long blog posts and essays. This essay writing bot has two AI engine options. TinySeed helps you produce a lot of output, but it’s a little slow. The essay writing tool allows you to create content in 30 seconds when you paste a few lines into the input box. All content created is unique and plagiarism-free. If your study foreign languages and have to write an essay, Content Bot can assist you. It supports all the languages Google Translate does.

Essay AI Lab

Essay AI Lab is a free essay writing program to enhance your writing and grammar and eliminate plagiarism. The tool just requires a topic and a couple of sentences to start working. In addition, this free AI essay writer has an unlimited search database, gives you automatic writing suggestions, generates MLA and APA citations, checks for plagiarism, identifies all grammatical errors, and enjoys unlimited essay help and downloads. Your information is 100% confidential with Essay AI Lab.


Wordtune is a free online essay writing program that helps improve your academic work with professional writing. This essay writing tool is powered by artificial intelligence and helps you rewrite sentences and paragraphs up to 280 characters long. This tool has various features, such as random mode, which makes your sentences informal, and formal mode, to make your text sound professional. Shortening mode shortens your sentences while expanding mode helps you express your thoughts without making them feel unnecessary. Paraphrasing mode suggests the best words to write your sentences.


Coming up with ideas, finding relevant information, and writing essays are time-consuming. With Articoolo, it’s easy. It’s one of the best AI-powered essay writing tools that instantly help you create unique essays. Articoolo uses artificial intelligence technology and natural language processing (NLP) to ensure readability. You insert two to five words, and the tool produces an exceptional essay for you with about 500 words. The tool also helps you summarize essays, generate headings, and rewrite the existing text in minutes.

Many platforms provide writing tools and services at different levels. Each of these platforms can provide something unique. However, the ones mentioned above are the best for several reasons. These platforms are very credible and allow lightening the educational or professional load.


Top 6 Technological Programs that Can Help Generate a Conclusion for an Essay

Paper writing is a skill that every student needs. But not everyone is proficient in it. Besides, such an activity is a complex and time-consuming process. Analysis of information takes 1-2 hours. Information processing requires attention to detail. The advent of artificial intelligence changed students’ life. Today, essay writing tools have gone far beyond checking for grammatical errors. They consider context, helping you write more accurate and effective essays. Even more, let’s consider further the top 6 tools that can help generate a conclusion for an essay. 

Do you urgently need to write a quick online conclusion? These days, such problems have a tool to help you with papers. Go to the platform, and you will get a free conclusion generator. It often happens that you need to learn how to write yourself. Not a problem. Some professionals can help you. And in the era of modern technology, artificial intelligence can conclude for you. The site’s user-friendly platform and stylish design solve your questions. It also provides comfort and enjoyment while you just move around on This is one of the most popular programs among mathematics students. 

Often you find yourself writing academic papers, spending time, and needing more time to finish them. In that case, the top tools to do it for you. might be one such place. It is a kind of conclusion writer only in artificial form, which helps to generate great options. You are immediately offered the option that you need. Everyone will agree that the essay conclusion is difficult to write.

A literary essay does not follow the rules of a business text. It requires a vocabulary and the ability to use various phrases. The program provides a ready-made headline and text for use. After it, you get the best offer that can cover your needs. It’s not worth wasting your time. Go to to see how the professionals work. This program can help generate a conclusion for an essay. The essay will be written correctly, beautifully, and without water. The teachers really appreciate it.

Source – Unsplash 

Everyone needs professional help. This is normal. Sometimes you need to find the master of his craft in a special direction. In this case, offers a writers’ team ready to prepare your papers. Here you have the opportunity to generate the conclusions that are so hard for you. The authors study the topic of the essay, primary sources, and the opinions of experts. They write the text according to your terms of reference and take into account all aspects. The most important is all requirements and deadlines will be met. The authors hand over the work quickly, efficiently, and on time. 

Are you worried about not writing competent academic papers? Not sure what to add to the conclusion paragraph? These are frequent problems of today. That’s no problem. All you have to do is use the top tools. is one of them. Go to the portal to get the category of services you need. This is a great free conclusion generator that will demonstrate the best option for your already prepared material. Topics and directions do not matter here. All possible inputs have been collected, which allows the portal to competently and qualitatively help everyone who needs it. Therefore, if you are not ready or do not know how to conclude, click on the link and take advantage of this. 

Do you need to write individual papers?, an online tool that generates information, can help you with this. Quite a simple site interface. You can provide input data about your text. After it will be the approximate cost of obtaining an interesting online conclusion. You must not have writing talent. Specialists or artificial intelligence can do everything for you. This program helps students and schoolchildren in writing literary texts. It can also help students and even teachers.

Source – Unsplash 

Each of us spends a certain amount of time learning. This is normal and right today. You often get assignments to write individual robots. Going to the portal, you get a free conclusion generator online to help you. Such tools are common these days. Many of us find it difficult to conclude or prepare quality work. So to write your material, you may now need only a few minutes. The portal has a quality interface and easy functionality. You need to provide the name of the work and basic information. After it, you will get the result you need. Special tools allow you to check grammatical errors. They remove tautology, typos, and other problems in the text. Tips help to find weaknesses in the essay and to make phrases more expressive.


Summing up, it is easy to find and download a free essay that you can hand over to a teacher. But most likely, it will have a lot of plagiarism. You should try to do it yourself. It has never been easier to master the art of writing academic papers or conclusions, for example. The list above with the top apps will help you. Do not be afraid to use an essay conclusion generator. It will really improve your work. 


7 Fantastic Apps for College Application Essay Writing

Writing college essays might be a difficult undertaking. When pupils are under test pressure, college applications arrive and put even more strain on them. It feels like a hammer is beating on your head nonstop. Here are seven apps to help you get through unless you choose to employ the assistance of qualified thesis writers and assign the creation of your essay to a reputable paper writing service.

1. Dragon Dictation

You can create flawless writing from anywhere at any time with Dragon Dictation! In this method, you can speak whatever you want and the program will automatically write it down! The program also has remarkable speech-to-text conversion capabilities.

Who could have imagined how swiftly words would one day become text? Dragon Dictation acts as your personal assistant, completing all of your requests. Only a microphone and a strong internet connection are required for the app to operate at peak efficiency.

Initially only available on Apple devices, it is now easily accessible to Android users. You can purchase college application essays online if you feel like you need a more expedient solution. Find the greatest service for you by exploring the internet. You’ll save time and work this way.

2. Evernote

Making notes is a crucial component of producing quality articles. You won’t be able to generate high-quality academic work to gain admission to your dream college if you don’t take notes properly. But how does one make something complicated, like arranging the pertinent information in your notes, more straightforward?

The solution is simple. Instead of utilizing paper and sheets to write down your ideas as the baby boomers did, the software helps you gather all of your thoughts and arrange them neatly on a single platform. Install the Evernote app to significantly simplify your life.

Evernote is a robust digital note-keeping app that lets you write essays and share your notes with others. If you are using the normal edition, you can access your notes from two different devices. Users of the free version are given a monthly restriction for uploading and sorting notes. On Evernote, you may also save books and articles from the web.

Given their workload and desire to avoid mixing up notes at all costs, many students find the premium one to have greater access possibilities and are able to afford it.

3. Grammarly

When you introduce Grammarly, all of your writing issues will be over. Here is a list of things Grammarly will correct for you automatically!

  • Punctuation\sSpellings
  • Context
  • Passive voice
  • Sentence composition
  • Transitions\sVocabulary

You must upload your file to the website and wait for it to find all the faults; after this is done, it will start making suggestions on how to enhance the delivery and make the text more engaging.

All of this is available in the free edition, but you should choose the premium version if you want your paper to be accepted. You can use the suggestions to make all the adjustments thanks to the membership.

Additionally, you can modify the app’s suggested suggestion levels. These can be informal, academic, informed, or eventually business-related recommendations. The program, which is among the most popular essay writer applications available, will work wonders for you.

4. Scribd

Scribd is a fantastic resource to use if you need all-around essay assistance for college applications. It includes a wide range of strategies for assisting individuals in quickly enhancing and improving their writing abilities.

  • Magazines
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Books and Sheet 
  • Music 
  • Documents

They have whatever you can think of. You can now select a learning choice that you will truly appreciate rather than a boring one. Free online reading for 30 days is available on the app. You can locate anything in these books and audio, read it, and use the information as inspiration for your application essays. How perfect is this for honing your skills?


It is reasonable to say that does a terrific job for customers looking for online essay assistance. It permits professional dissertation writers to completely concentrate on their writings by keeping any distractions out of their workspace. Imagine writing in a quiet environment without interruptions or background noise.

You can edit and improve your writing in a variety of ways using the robust interface. The text can be organized however you desire. You don’t need to worry because it works with practically all gadgets! You can use the essay writing service on any platform you are familiar with, whether it is a MAC, an Android, or a Windows computer, and produce an excellent paper.


All of these apps offer a straightforward user interface, making it quick and easy to move around and upload files. Having saved more time, you can then have your cake and eat it too! You should utilize these programs efficiently rather than expending more of your effort and time in alternative ways.


Best Online Plagiarism Checkers for Students

High school and college professors assign essays to students to test their writing and critical thinking skills. They set different requirements and expect high-quality content and proper formatting. But, above all, teachers appreciate the creativity and originality of such papers.

Therefore, submitting authentic assignments with no trace of plagiarized work is critical. And how do you check authenticity? The best way is to use a reliable online plagiarism checker, which detects the originality level accurately.

These tools recognize attempts to alter original phrasing and thefts of other people’s work. They also provide comprehensive plagiarism reports with suggestions for text paraphrasing.

We researched six available plagiarism checkers on the market and compared their features. Below, we outline the performance of the best apps worth your attention.

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Why Should I Use a Plagiarism Checker? 

Copying written works without proper referencing is unacceptable in the academic realm. Moreover, plagiarism is an offense you can be charged with, imposed a fine, and even taken to jail. Most importantly, whoever gets caught risks ruining their reputation and even jeopardizing their career.

Hence, it’s vital to pay attention to the originality of your papers. Admittedly, “borrowing” works from other authors seems compelling and less time-consuming, but the consequences can be terrible. The fault would be yours, even if you do it unintentionally due to a lack of time or ignorance.

That’s where a free plagiarism checker online can be of immense help. These online tools are inexpensive (often free), convenient, fast, and reliable. Here are several reasons why everyone must consider a plagiarism checker to scan their essays:

  • The tool highlights the copied content and helps you navigate the plagiarized text.
  • These apps boast extensive resources in their databases for easier plagiarism detection.
  • They display percentages of copied and original text, with links to the websites featuring the plagiarized text.
  • Plagiarism tools are fast and straightforward to use.
  • The software offers suggestions to modify your text and make it authentic.
  • Some plagiarism software can spot unsuccessful attempts to paraphrase the content.


Quetext is an excellent plagiarism checker that detects most of the plagiarized content. However, it doesn’t perform to the highest standard for scholarly articles. Another thing is that individual source sentences get matched to several original texts, and you could get a false impression about the plagiarism level. As a result, you might obtain false positives.

Users can insert up to 500 words at once and run the free trial plagiarism checker. If you want to scan more extensive texts, you will have to select a package. The paid versions start at $10.49 a month.

At Quetext, you can download reports that pinpoint partial finds with orange and full matches with red. You can also get help with citations and spellcheck. As for trustworthiness, the app never stores nor reuses your papers and guarantees your privacy.


As one of the best plagiarism checkers on the market, PapersOwl is a free tool that conducts in-depth text analysis. It is 100% safe and never misuses your papers without your knowledge. Plus, you can insert files in various formats without word count limits.

PapersOwl’s tool catches even the slightest traces of plagiarized content and gives detailed explanations with percentages. It also features a title generator for essay for free. The checks run super-fast; it takes about 20 seconds to scan an average article of 2,000 words.

Finally, PapersOwl offers on-the-spot solutions for your writing problems. You can hire skilful writers displayed on the web page to rewrite, proofread, and edit your paper.


Grammarly is a first-class plagiarism checker that strives to deliver all-encompassing excellence. As your virtual assistant, Grammarly tracks your writing for linguistic accuracy, readability, and plagiarism. It is available as a browser extension, as an app, and as a word-processing tool plugin.

However, the free version lacks several helpful features. For instance, it won’t tell you which content is inauthentic but only the percentage of plagiarized work. Conversely, the paid tiers ($12 a month billed annually) check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, tone, clarity, and engagement. They also compare your papers with over 16 billion websites. It works directly in your document and alerts you of plagiarized sentences. The tool is safe since it doesn’t store and share your documents.

Source – Pixels


Unicheck is a top-notch service that uses an AI tool to scan your articles. Over 1,000 academic organizations use it in their daily course of work because it searches across 91 billion sources and library files.

Once the plagiarism check is over, the results appear systematically by colour codes. The plagiarism score will increase or decrease as you keep editing the paper. In addition, Unicheck boasts various features, including Office 365, Chrome, and Google Docs integration and a personal dashboard.

The app is secure because all the accounts are encrypted. However, the software can be overwhelming for some users who prefer design simplicity. As for pricing, the Personal package starts at $5 and goes up depending on the number of pages you want to check. 


ProWritingAid is a free online plagiarism checker that scans your papers against other sources. Besides ensuring uniqueness, it also detects over 20 language mistakes, including grammar, punctuation, style, and consistency.

ProWritingAid allows users to download a plagiarism report and helps with editing, citations, and snippets. Plus, you can integrate it through extensions with apps such as Gmail, Google Docs, Firefox, and Chrome.

The tool is easy to navigate and supports various files. On top of that, plagiarism checks are always detailed, thanks to a database of over 20 billion source files. The basic version is free, whereas the Premium package costs $6.58 per month ($79.00 billed annually).


CopyScape is probably the best plagiarism checker available online. As cloud-based software, it helps users detect traces of plagiarism and content theft. To check, you can insert the text in the provided box or paste the URL of the page. 

An exceptional feature of CopyScape is that users can compare two texts side by side and analyze copied chunks. Besides being thorough and conducting in-depth searches, the tool is user-friendly and safe. Note that Copyscape offers a free version, whereas the paid tiers depend on the number of pages you’re scanning.

To Sum Up

So, there you have the best plagiarism checkers available online. These tools operate as standalone software and plugins for your apps. Also, the reviewed plagiarism checkers have language improvement features and extensive content databases.

Whatever your preference, you can’t go wrong. With the apps outlined, your privacy as a student is guaranteed, and the cost is negligible, considering the quality you get. 


What is Hacking and How Can It Affect Your Website and Devices?

Everyone has heard of hacking and probably seen it portrayed in a flashy and unrealistic way on the silver screen.

Of course, until you fall victim to a cyber attack in real life, you likely won’t realize what’s involved, and how insidious this trend can be for individuals and businesses alike.

The best defence against hacking is understanding how it’s achieved and appreciating what the impact on compromised sites and hardware looks like. 

So let’s discuss this topic in detail and empower you to improve your online safety as a result.

The basics

Put, hacking describes any process by which a third party gains unauthorized access to systems or software.

It can be carried out in a clandestine fashion through a malware infection delivered from a phishing website or email. It can be handled directly by a human hacker, whether by accessing a device in person or attacking it remotely over a network connection.

Hacking is a term that even covers acts of social engineerings, such as calling up an unsuspecting victim and tricking them into giving you login details, including a password for an online account.

The aim is generally to steal sensitive information and use this for personal gain, or even just for professional prestige in the case of career hackers.

The fallout

The important thing to appreciate about suffering a successful hack is that, if the attacker has done their job well, you won’t necessarily realize that your site or device has been compromised. And the costs can be severe.

Because of this, you need to be clued up on what telltale signs will indicate that a hack has taken place, including:

Checking whether your phone has been hacked

If you’re worried that you’ve had your Android phone hacked, there are a few ways to find out if you’ve been hacked.

First, installing a security app will let you scan the devices for any dodgy code and eradicate it. 

Second, slower-than-usual performance could suggest malicious processes are whirring away behind the otherwise unaltered façade of your handset’s OS. 

Third, high levels of data usage which don’t reflect your browsing habits indicate malware may be siphoning info elsewhere.

Fourth, major dips in battery life imply that an infection is eating into your available energy.

Checking whether your website has been hacked

Having a compromised mobile device is one thing, but a hacked website is even worse because it could expose visitors to infections, or even allow your site to be used as part of a DDoS botnet.

Various signals should raise your suspicions, with unusual network activity being a big concern. If you can see that your site’s available bandwidth is being used at a rate that belies the amount of traffic it’s handling from visitors, then it’s worth investigating further.

Poor server performance can also arise from a hack, in much the same way as a mobile device’s user experience will suffer when hardware resources are being commandeered by malicious code.

Furthermore, if your website has an associated email server, check that this hasn’t also been hijacked in an attack. Compromised accounts might be leveraged by cybercriminals to run their own spam campaigns, posing as legitimate messages to your list of contacts.

Staying safe in the face of hacking threats

Crucially you don’t have to wait until you’ve fallen victim to a hack before you act. It’s better to prepare for this likelihood and aim to avoid it, which you can do in several ways, such as:

Avoiding malware

The malware gives hackers a back door into your device or website, so it’s sensible to try and avoid it wherever possible.

First, make sure that the websites you visit aren’t infected. Only use legitimate, reputable sites on any device, and don’t click links in unsolicited emails.

Second, if you do install software from third parties, do so via respected app stores, especially when using a smartphone.

Third, have security software installed so that any site you visit or software you download is automatically scanned so that infected examples are deflected before they can do damage.

Keeping software up to date

Even if you follow best practices for staying safe online, hacks can still occur if attackers are able to exploit loopholes and vulnerabilities in your device or website.

Tech firms know about this, which is why frequent updates are issued for all major software solutions. It’s your duty to install these updates without delay.

Final thoughts

Hacking is a growing problem, and costs people and businesses billions each year in defrauded cash and lost revenue.

Victims learn the hard way that attacks can come from anywhere, at any time, so preparedness is crucial and caution is the best way to proceed, even if you consider yourself to be an experienced user of online tools.


VoIP vs Landline: Deciding Which Phone System is Right for Your Business

Landline phones fuelled sales, catalyzed growth and streamlined customer service for businesses over the course of the last century. And while consumers have made the switch to mobile devices and digital methods of communication, the phone call remains an important link between companies and the people they serve.

Today, the evolution of telephony has brought about the rise of VoIP, or voice over internet protocol. This migration to digital tech has left businesses with an important choice to make; do you settle for an old-school analog phone system, or do you adopt VoIP instead?

VoIP explained

Rather than voice calls being hosted over the copper wiring of POTS, with a VoIP system you’re relying on a high speed network connection to get in touch with people.

VoIP calling is supported on a number of devices. With the use of an adapter, you can use a traditional desk phone to dial into a VoIP system. There are also more modern VoIP-focused handsets, as well as the option to use software on a desktop computer, laptop or smartphone to achieve the same thing.

As with a standard landline, a service provider will handle the routing of the call to its intended end point, and you can dial out to landline numbers, as well as assigning your own geographic or non-geographic number to your device as needed.

The benefits of going digital

There are a lot of good reasons to choose a VoIP phone system over one which is still stuck in the analog era, including:

Cheaper calls

Long distance calls used to be expensive to make, but with VoIP solutions you’re able to slash the price of contacting customers in different parts of the world.

Increased trustworthiness

We touched on the option to have a geographic phone number earlier, and this matters from the perspective of brand trust. Setting a number on your VoIP phone which is specific to a given area, even if it’s not the one you’re physically located in, will give customers confidence whether you’re calling them, or they’re contacting you.

It’s similar to what you’d do when running a profitable website which targets customers overseas. Having a top-level domain name that’s native to the nation establishes your business as a reputable one.


With small business phone systems like OpenPhone, even up and coming companies can justify adopting a VoIP-based solution, rather than sticking to a standard landline which won’t be up to scratch as their operations expand.

The scalability of modern VoIP solutions is innate, since most rely entirely on hardware that’s hosted off-site, rather than being located in-house. So when you need to add new team members to the system, you won’t have to rewire your entire office.


Thanks to the digital nature of VoIP, there are all sorts of cutting edge bells and whistles which are available through the latest systems and services that support it.

For example, as well as being able to take voicemail messages, clever software can automatically generate transcriptions of these recordings. You could get these emailed to you, or sent via SMS, so that you can discreetly check your messages without having to listen to them, or even search back through previous messages as you would a text document to find important information.

Integration options

Much of the aforementioned versatility of VoIP systems comes from their ability to integrate with other software applications that are critical to the day to day running of your company.

This can include things like team instant messaging platforms, calendar and scheduling services, customer relationship management solutions and much more besides.

The issues with analog landline setups

The benefits of VoIP aren’t the only things you need to be aware of, because it’s not just a case of missing out on these when settling for an older landline service; you’ll also be suffering through a number of other issues.

Most notably, it’s more expensive to procure, maintain and upgrade a traditional office phone system. On-site exchanges are costly, temperamental and easily outmoded by any modern digital equivalent.

Call quality is also a concern, because there’s only so much bandwidth that copper wire can support, and you won’t be able to equal the digital clarity of VoIP conversations.

The bottom line

Any business that wants to prepare itself for whatever the future might hold must consider adopting a VoIP phone system, while only retaining a traditional landline setup if this is the only option available.

If you’ve got a high speed internet connection at your premises, and a growing team of employees to equip with the means to contact customers, clients and partners, picking from one of the many high quality VoIP solutions is a no-brainer. From a cost perspective alone, it sells itself easily.


What Opportunities Does an MBA Degree Open for You

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is a graduate degree designed for working professionals who want to expand their understanding of business. The MBA is a respected and valued degree amongst companies, and it offers a number of career tracks for ambitious individuals.

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So, If you have an MBA, what can you do with it? Is it reasonable to put in the effort and expense needed to join? Is it beneficial to earn an MBA? A master’s degree in business administration, particularly one from a prestigious institution, can open doors to many rewarding opportunities. Many people who find assistance with MBA choose to earn an MBA overseas for a variety of reasons, including the potential for higher pay after graduation, promotion to a management position, expansion of their professional network, or even the chance to start their own successful business.

Want to learn more? Here are a few reasons why earning an MBA is great and worthwhile:

Highest Pay Rates

There are many benefits to having an MBA, but two of the most attractive are job stability and financial reward. A business graduate can expect a salary that is significantly greater than the average salary for those with a conventional Master’s degree. You can anticipate earning double what you would with a standard college diploma.

If you’re wondering what you can accomplish with an MBA, here are some common examples: human resources manager, market research analyst, management analyst, business operations manager, top executive, etc.

You’ll Get Access to a Wider Business Community

One of the best things about earning an MBA is the access to a wider network of professionals. You will network with other students, academics, and business professionals who all have extensive backgrounds in management.

In addition, you join a large and influential group of former students. You’ll get a fantastic picture of the business world thanks to the people you know. That’s why an MBA implies more than just academic expertise. You will acquire knowledge that will equip you to spot trends in the evolving corporate landscape and find innovative solutions to problems. There’s ample opportunity for deep thought on significant business concerns and for drawing parallels to current events on a global scale.

MBA Gives You an Opportunity to Start Your Own Venture

Professors of business administration who have actually started their own companies may advise you on the most important pitfalls to avoid and the steps to take to ensure your business thrives and remains stable over time.

MBA students can locate peers with whom they share common interests. Discuss your thoughts with them to see if you can come up with a shared objective. Having a trustworthy business partner who has your back can be crucial to the success of your startup.

You will get an understanding of the importance of clear communication to the success of any business. Knowing how to articulate your ideas clearly can make or break a deal in negotiations with suppliers or convince investors to back your business plan.

MBAs Help Shift Careers and Grow Businesses

Many graduates of MBA programs use their degrees to switch fields or to move up the corporate ladder into supervisory or executive roles. You shouldn’t do both because you risk being overextended and underqualified for the new role. One-third of those considering an MBA do so in order to explore career options in sectors or roles outside of their previous experience. This is one of the many reasons why an MBA program can pay dividends much later in your career.

Before applying to a business program, it’s a good idea to decide on the industry and career path you want to pursue. This will help you determine what you can do with an MBA. In this way, you may confidently choose the finest MBA program for your needs and have well-defined long-term goals that will carry weight during the admissions interview. What’s more, you’ll have two years to hone your abilities to perfection before starting your new position.

International MBAs Broaden Perspectives

If you’re planning on making a job change, you’ll benefit greatly from the adaptability and variety of concentrations available in MBA programs. You can broaden your understanding of business practices and experience life in a new culture as an international student pursuing an MBA program overseas. Explaining the value of an overseas MBA. Because you’ll meet people with diverse perspectives and ways of doing things in the workplace. Your commercial acumen will be bolstered by exposure to novel, superior, or even merely novel approaches. Maybe after you finish school there, you’ll decide to stay and make a career for yourself there.

When deciding where to do your MBA, it’s important to look at which countries have the most relevant MBA specializations. Think about things like how much money you’ll need for school, how much money you’ll need to live on a monthly basis, and which companies are most likely to recruit you after you graduate.

You might enroll in an Executive MBA program, which tends to attract a more senior student body. However, because EMBA students spend less time with their peers, they are less likely to make valuable professional connections. If you’re in your 30s or 40s, though, you probably have a solid support system in the form of established relationships with influential people in your field. Have at it!


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3 Beginner-Friendly Tools to Edit Pictures Online For Free

Working on personal or commercial projects, you might encounter some problems with your visuals. Sometimes, an otherwise perfect picture may require minor adjustments to look even better. Or, you might need to tweak some imperfections as quickly as possible, e.g., when you’re about to publish a visual according to the content plan.

Generally, you don’t need to turn to a graphic designer for help. Editing pictures online with the help of special free tools is quicker and more affordable. Read further to learn about the benefits of these graphics editors and discover how they work.

4 main reasons to use free apps for editing pictures

  1. They are quick. You save time on contacting and explaining the details to professional designers. This is especially important if the adjustments are indeed minor or if it’s urgent.
  2. They help you save costs. You don’t have to purchase expensive graphic editing software or pay a professional. Even if an app has some paid features, you can still do most of the basic editing for free.
  3. They are convenient. Offline graphic editing software occupies some of your PC’s memory and cannot be easily accessed from other devices without previous installation. On the other hand, you can access free online picture editors from a PC, tablet, or even your phone.
  4. They are quick to understand and easy to use. While offline software is more powerful and extensive, usually, you don’t need all of its complex options for basic editing. Online tools are easier to figure out because they are more minimalistic and offer only the essential features you need to perfect your images.

Where to edit photos online for free

There are plenty of image editing apps available on the internet. Most offer basic editing options, while some focus on special features like background removal, color correction, or image upscaling. You can stick to one app or combine them for better results.

1. Depositphotos Background Remover

Depositphotos Background Remover is a smart online tool created to make images with transparent backgrounds. Its AI-based algorithms automatically recognize the main objects on a visual, isolate them, and remove the surrounding background. The tool offers intuitive navigation and is quick to deliver HD results. You can download processed pictures in medium size for free or purchase a budget-friendly Background Remover plan to download them in HD.

Here’s how to edit images using Depositphotos Background Remover:

  1. Go to
  2. Upload a visual. The tool supports files in JPG, JPEG, and PNG formats weighing up to 15 MB.
  3. Preview the image after its background is removed.
  4. Edit it if necessary. The tool offers two brushes—Erase and Restore. You can adjust their size and hardness for precision.
  5. Download the result in PNG format.

2. Photopea

Photopea is a digital image editor that offers similar features and design options as Adobe Photoshop. It’s suitable for basic editing and additional photo retouching. The tool allows you to resize visuals, add color filters, alter hue and saturation, change tones, and adjust colors, among other things. All of its features are available for both free and paid users. Nonetheless, the Premium plan also offers an ad-free experience, email support, and 2x more steps in editing history.

Here’s how to edit visuals using Photopea:

  1. Open the tool in your browser.
  2. Upload a visual. The program supports JPGs, PNGs, RAWs, SVGs, PDFs, GIFs, and TIFFs, along with file formats of other graphics editors—PSD, AI, XCF, Sketch, and XD.
  3. Edit your image using available tools and features.
  4. Save the result in PSD by clicking File → Save as PSD. You can also save the result as a JPG, PNG, or SVG by clicking File → Export as…

3. Pixlr

Pixlr is an online graphics editing program that can be used both for image adjustment and design creation. It is incredibly convenient when you need to use newly edited images for marketing purposes. For instance, you can create social media posters, banners, ads, and other marketing materials using the tool. A free version of Pixlr allows you to crop images; add colour filters; alter brightness, contrast, and saturation; and adjust other parameters.

Here’s how you can edit visuals using Pixlr Photo Editor:

  1. Open the program in a preferred browser.
  2. Upload a visual. To do that, click on Open Image or Create New to choose the design template.
  3. Edit your photo using available tools.
  4. Download the result as a photo in JPG, PNG, WebP, or PXZ, or as a document in PDF or PXZ.

To sum up

To successfully edit your visuals, you don’t need a background in graphic design. Free online tools offer diverse editing options, from quick background removal to basic colour correction. They are easy to use for beginner creators and accessible from all electronic devices connected to the internet. Discover the tools and programs presented in this article to choose the convenient option for your design needs.