From Sidearms to Rifles: Understanding Valorant’s Diverse Weaponry

Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter developed by Riot Games, that features a diverse gun library for players to choose from. The different weapons have their own distinct characteristics, having their strengths and weaknesses suited for players with different playstyles. Today, we have a detailed guide around the vast array of weaponry in Valorant, including sidearms, rifles and the strategies and tactics behind them. 

The Role of Weapons in Valorant

In Valorant, weapons obviously have a huge impact on the dynamics of engagements, and even entire matches. Using one of a selection of different weapons, with different ranges, accuracy, fire rates and damages to consider, the player must carefully choose the kind of weapon they wish to take into play. This is key to making smart weapons choices and raising your chances of success on the battlefield. On top of that, advanced strategies, such as using Valorant Hacks, bring out an entire new layer of the match, offering to impulse on innovation and get an edge against your opponents, in order to take the victory in the end. 

Sidearms: Versatile Backup Options

In Valorant, sidearms are the perfect backup guns that can save you when you’re out of ammo on your primary weapon. Though less powerful at range than a rifle or sniper rifle, sidearms are incredibly versatile and can do some serious work in the right hands. 

  • The Classic Pistol: Reliable and Accessible

Default Sidearm – The trusty classic pistol that can be used by all players as their default pistol. While it does not provide the same firepower as other weapons, the pistol is deadly at medium-to-short range and is very accurate. The backbone of early round buys and a reliable last resort, the trusty pistol is modest in price and easy to come by. 

  • The Shorty: Close-Range Powerhouse

The Shorty is a shotgun as a sidearm that works best in the hands of close-range fighters. The Shorty, for example, does a ton of damage and is very effective even over distance, but even just a few well-placed shots are a quick dispatch to even the strongest of enemies. Though its range and accuracy hold it back compared to other weapons, the Shorty is an excellent fit for aggressive roles and can help you surprise your enemies in close quarters. 

SMGs: Agile and Versatile

The Submachine guns (SMGs) are quick and versatile, with a good rate of fire and full of potential in close to medium range deals. SMGs: With their better rate-of-fire and mediocre damage output, SMGs are definite fits for aggressive players and can perform well in quick matches. SMGs may not have the extended range or the hitting power of Rifles, they more than make up for it with their incredible ability on the field of battle. 

  • The Stinger: Mobile Firepower

The Stinger is a lightweight SMG for the more aggressive players of the free-to-play battle royale game. As of now, this system scales with the number of players that Uberbot is attacking and it is by far not enough since players can spawn to their death mostly in private servers. The Stinger is not as reliable as a rifle, but in the right hands, it can be a very capable and potent weapon due to its speed and versatility. 

  • The Spectre: Silent and Deadly

As a silenced SMG, the Spectre favors stealth and precision over outright firepower. The Spectre has low recoil but deadly accuracy at close to medium distances, making it perfect for players who want to frag with style. Though we have to be real and say the Spectre may not be the wildest gun, it’s got its own flavors of exciting tricks that many stealthier or precision-loving players will love! 

Rifles: Precision and Power

Rifles are what make up most of any Valorant team, playing the majority of the engagements with the game and therefore should be the majority of your time in map. Rifles are some of the most versatile weapons in the game, ranging from assault rifles, with good range, and sniper rifles, which will most likely kill an operator before they can get a shot off. 

  • The Vandal: Precision Marksmanship

The Vandal is an all-around assault rifle that works best at medium to long ranges. The Vandal has an extremely high rate of damage and is accurate with controlled recoil, allowing you to pop heads off and take out players with minimal ammo. The Vandal has superior shooting power with a high-accuracy single-headshot kill and requires high-precision marksmanship to be used effectively. 

  • The Phantom: Silent and Deadly

High stealth and versatile weapon, being less powerful. The Phantom: perfect for those suppressed, close to mid-range pick-offs on low recoil, high damage. Whilst not as hard hitting as the Vandal, the Phantom’s stealthier nature and all-purpose usage make it a very popular option for slow-paced players to approach a round with a more subtle and strategic mindset. 

Sniper Rifles: Precision and Long-Range Dominance

Sniper rifles are elite long-range weapons for precision shooters. These long-ranged sniper rifles are known for headshot kills from a distance with the highest damage, making other enemies a piece of cake. Sniper rifles may take precision and practice to master, but they’re an incredibly dangerous weapon type to use, dominating enemies at long range with hitscan lethality.

  • The Marshal: Entry-Level Marksman

The Marshal is a budget mid-range sniper that brings precision marksmanship and long-range primacy to the arena. This is the weapon for players who can hit headshots and do it from far away. The Marshal dishes out high damage and uses a scope. The Marshal may not be as strong in the realm of one-shot kills as some other sniper rifles, but its competitive price and versatility have won it a faithful following among aspiring snipers and seasoned marksmen alike. 

  • The Operator: Precision Death Dealer

 With its stratospheric headshot, two-shot body kill, the Operator can dismantle other teams with just one or two well-tracked shots, holding massive menace in the hands of someone who aims well. With this power to change the flow of games with a single shot, the Operator will almost definitely be a favorite weapon on the battlefield, even if it does take patience and skill to use it properly. 

Crafting Your Arsenal

Weapons in Valorant can be customized for any particular style of the player. With a weapon for every style of play – from the agility of SMGs, the precision of rifles, and the lethality of sniper rifles – how you play is up to you. Try every weapon, learn the ins and outs of each, and choose your loadout wisely based on what every game asks of you. 


A very diverse weaponry in Valorant gives every player some real flexibility to shape their gameplay depending on the playstyle they are into. Every weapon in each type has its strategy and characteristics it brings to the fight, most notable between sidearms to rifles. You can maximize your effectiveness on the battlefield and dominate the competition in Valorant by learning the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon, mixing things up with various loadouts, and perfecting your skills with each weapon type. 


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