How to Create the Best SMS Offers to Drive More Sales

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing or business text messaging marketing involves sending messages to clients or users in order to promote your services and products. An opt-in marketing form, SMS marketing requires people to subscribe to your messages in order for you to be able to target them using messages. If you wonder how SMS marketing can benefit your business and how to create effective SMS offers, here’s all that you need to know.

Why Should You Use SMS for Business Growth?

It is easy for a customer to completely forget about your brand once they have purchased a product from you. One of the easiest ways to ensure your clients remember your brand is through SMS marketing. As people use their smartphones and check their messages regularly, it is easier to target them using offers and discounts and expect them to take action. Yet another advantage of SMS marketing is that it is very easy to integrate it with other marketing strategies and emphasize your campaigns. Being a versatile marketing mechanism will multifaceted benefits, SMS marketing is also very easy to implement.

7 Ways to Create SMS Offers for Better Sales

Here are some of the best ways to create SMS offers that can lead to better sales:

  • Identify Your Brand

It is crucial to identify your brand every time you send a message, as not all your customers or subscribers may have your number saved in their contacts. Further, they might also delete your messages after reading them. When you don’t mention the name of your brand in every text that you send, chances are high that several subscribers would have no idea who the message is from. This might nullify your attempts at marketing through SMS.

When it comes to the placement of the brand name in a text, it is best to mention your brand’s name right at the beginning of the message. This clearly informs your subscribers as to who is sending the message, making it easier for you to create an impact and accomplish your goal.

  • Personalized Messages

While businesses take pride in having plenty of data related to their clients and subscribers, none of it makes sense unless that data is put to use. Therefore, any additional information that you have about your clients can be utilized to create personalized messages. When you send a personalized message, it has a greater impact on the client and their buying decision. 

Moreover, it makes them feel valued and builds a deeper relationship with the brand. You can personalize a message by adding the first name of your client when addressing them in the message, and you can also make use of information, such as their interests and preferences.

  • Start With the Deal/Offer

It is no surprise that people feel all the more motivated to shop when they’re given offers and discounts. Therefore, when you have special offers and discounts, it is best to start your message with the offer to grab the reader’s attention right away. There are several ways in which you can lead your message with the offer. 

Some of the most common and effective ones are— buy one get one offers, % off discount offers, and free with purchase offers. Out of the three, buy one get one free seems to have the greatest impact, as this message clearly displays the value the buyer will derive from shopping.

  • Clear Redemption Instructions

The chances that your clients will redeem your offers are higher when the instructions for redemption are clear and simple. Therefore, it is best to not only provide clear and easy-to-follow instructions to your clients but also crucial that the instructions and the process are not complicated. 

You can achieve this by sending your clients the code that can be entered into your website when they make the next purchase. Yet another way is by asking your clients to show the message at the store when they next visit. However, you can also use other variations and get creative as you send messages to your clients.

  • Add Expiry Date

One of the most effective ways to ensure your clients do their bit to redeem an offer is by clearly stating when the offer expires. This pushes buyers to make a quick decision, and it also adds a sense of urgency. A client who plans to use the offer and make a purchase is less likely to forget about your message and your offer when you use this trick.

  • Specific Targeting

While you can send as many messages to as many clients as you would want to, what makes SMS marketing effective is how well-targeted it is. Therefore, before you craft and send a message to your client, you need to first determine why exactly the client would open and read it. Specific targeting involves identifying your clients based on their preferences and needs before sending them an SMS. Simply put, a client will only read your message and act on it if they need the product that you’re advertising.

Key Takeaways

While the above-mentioned tips and tricks can help you get closer to the goal of having better sales through SMS marketing, it takes a mix and match and combinations of different factors. When marketing through SMSs, you need to be aware of the perfect timing and the right combination of words to create an impact. Further, measuring the success of your SMS marketing strategy by assessing your performance is extremely crucial to have a sense of how your strategy performs and the modifications you need to make in order to achieve your goal.

Effective SMS marketing is a combination of various factors that, when combined, have the kind of outcome that you desire. The only difference between poorly-performing SMS marketing and one that does well is how well you frame your message and how well you know your client. When done the right way, SMS marketing can significantly improve your sales while building a better relationship between your brand and your client. 


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