Free Writing Tools for a Better Essay

Essay writing is a skill that every student requires to pass any academic course. Unfortunately, not everyone has the skills to create the best essay. Also, writing an essay is a complicated and time-consuming process. The whole process consists of stages, and if you miss even one, it will look vague and disappoint readers.

Another common problem many writers face is plagiarism. Yes, plagiarism is a serious misdemeanor. You can fail an assignment, your application for admission will be rejected, or worse, you can be expelled from college/university. Well, you would never want that to happen.

Luckily there are plenty of online essay writing services and apps to simplify essay writing. Now there are artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that are made to help you create quality essays on a variety of topics.

The best tools for writing essays

Essay App Essayshark

Essayshark is an essay app that provides free online writing tools to make students’ lives easier. With features such as a content generator, citation machine, grammar checker, and plagiarism checker, you’ll have a well-crafted essay at your disposal. Essayshark has sample essays by topic that you can browse for inspiration and formatting styles. Once there, you are sure to come away with either a document or an idea.

Essayshark also includes useful features such as a free essay title generator to match your essay.

Essayshark has everything a student needs to get the perfect essay in one place. There are so many tools to explore that once you sign up, you can be sure you’re off on a super exciting writing adventure.


Smodin has created several online tools to help students and academic writers improve their essay writing. The tools include a plagiarism checker, a citation generator, a text rewriting tool, an online editor, a speech-to-text tool, real-time subtitle translation, and multilingual grammar correction. These tools use deep search and machine learning technology and support over 50 languages.

The team has done its best to give you the right tools to improve the quality of your content (including grammar, formatting, and style). Smodin is your backup writer and editor for free and any content generator in any language. It’s excellent assistance regarding social media posts, emails, and other types of content.


Jasper is another best artificial intelligence-based essay writing tool that helps you create unique essays in minutes. The AI just needs one starting sentence from you to keep writing. In addition, the essay writer’s help has two opportunities. In the first case, you can start from scratch, and the content will be more tailored to the type of content required. Second, Jasper follows the current workflow by importing written text, such as a blog post. The essay writing bot can read 600 characters of text to set the context and build paragraphs.

Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid is a cloud-based essay writing program that helps you quickly find weak points, remove mistakes, and analyze your punctuation and grammar usage. The tool also has free and paid versions, but you can only run 500-word reports in the free version. In addition, the tool does not save your text because it meets the highest privacy standards and is GDPR compliant.

Paper Type

Not sure how to start an essay – stuck in the middle of the research process? Want to make sure your essay is free of grammatical errors and plagiarism? Try Paper Typer. This free AI-powered essay writing app will help you quickly find information on your topic, write flawless essays, get a structured and up-to-date draft, find and correct all grammar and punctuation errors, and detect plagiarism. In addition, Paper Typer creates the right formatting for your essay and suggests headings and subheadings to write the best essay possible.

Content Bot

Another of the best tools is the Content Bot. It helps you create content from short ideas, such as promotional texts, to long blog posts and essays. This essay writing bot has two AI engine options. TinySeed helps you produce a lot of output, but it’s a little slow. The essay writing tool allows you to create content in 30 seconds when you paste a few lines into the input box. All content created is unique and plagiarism-free. If your study foreign languages and have to write an essay, Content Bot can assist you. It supports all the languages Google Translate does.

Essay AI Lab

Essay AI Lab is a free essay writing program to enhance your writing and grammar and eliminate plagiarism. The tool just requires a topic and a couple of sentences to start working. In addition, this free AI essay writer has an unlimited search database, gives you automatic writing suggestions, generates MLA and APA citations, checks for plagiarism, identifies all grammatical errors, and enjoys unlimited essay help and downloads. Your information is 100% confidential with Essay AI Lab.


Wordtune is a free online essay writing program that helps improve your academic work with professional writing. This essay writing tool is powered by artificial intelligence and helps you rewrite sentences and paragraphs up to 280 characters long. This tool has various features, such as random mode, which makes your sentences informal, and formal mode, to make your text sound professional. Shortening mode shortens your sentences while expanding mode helps you express your thoughts without making them feel unnecessary. Paraphrasing mode suggests the best words to write your sentences.


Coming up with ideas, finding relevant information, and writing essays are time-consuming. With Articoolo, it’s easy. It’s one of the best AI-powered essay writing tools that instantly help you create unique essays. Articoolo uses artificial intelligence technology and natural language processing (NLP) to ensure readability. You insert two to five words, and the tool produces an exceptional essay for you with about 500 words. The tool also helps you summarize essays, generate headings, and rewrite the existing text in minutes.

Many platforms provide writing tools and services at different levels. Each of these platforms can provide something unique. However, the ones mentioned above are the best for several reasons. These platforms are very credible and allow lightening the educational or professional load.


Best Online Plagiarism Checkers for Students

High school and college professors assign essays to students to test their writing and critical thinking skills. They set different requirements and expect high-quality content and proper formatting. But, above all, teachers appreciate the creativity and originality of such papers.

Therefore, submitting authentic assignments with no trace of plagiarized work is critical. And how do you check authenticity? The best way is to use a reliable online plagiarism checker, which detects the originality level accurately.

These tools recognize attempts to alter original phrasing and thefts of other people’s work. They also provide comprehensive plagiarism reports with suggestions for text paraphrasing.

We researched six available plagiarism checkers on the market and compared their features. Below, we outline the performance of the best apps worth your attention.

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Why Should I Use a Plagiarism Checker? 

Copying written works without proper referencing is unacceptable in the academic realm. Moreover, plagiarism is an offense you can be charged with, imposed a fine, and even taken to jail. Most importantly, whoever gets caught risks ruining their reputation and even jeopardizing their career.

Hence, it’s vital to pay attention to the originality of your papers. Admittedly, “borrowing” works from other authors seems compelling and less time-consuming, but the consequences can be terrible. The fault would be yours, even if you do it unintentionally due to a lack of time or ignorance.

That’s where a free plagiarism checker online can be of immense help. These online tools are inexpensive (often free), convenient, fast, and reliable. Here are several reasons why everyone must consider a plagiarism checker to scan their essays:

  • The tool highlights the copied content and helps you navigate the plagiarized text.
  • These apps boast extensive resources in their databases for easier plagiarism detection.
  • They display percentages of copied and original text, with links to the websites featuring the plagiarized text.
  • Plagiarism tools are fast and straightforward to use.
  • The software offers suggestions to modify your text and make it authentic.
  • Some plagiarism software can spot unsuccessful attempts to paraphrase the content.


Quetext is an excellent plagiarism checker that detects most of the plagiarized content. However, it doesn’t perform to the highest standard for scholarly articles. Another thing is that individual source sentences get matched to several original texts, and you could get a false impression about the plagiarism level. As a result, you might obtain false positives.

Users can insert up to 500 words at once and run the free trial plagiarism checker. If you want to scan more extensive texts, you will have to select a package. The paid versions start at $10.49 a month.

At Quetext, you can download reports that pinpoint partial finds with orange and full matches with red. You can also get help with citations and spellcheck. As for trustworthiness, the app never stores nor reuses your papers and guarantees your privacy.


As one of the best plagiarism checkers on the market, PapersOwl is a free tool that conducts in-depth text analysis. It is 100% safe and never misuses your papers without your knowledge. Plus, you can insert files in various formats without word count limits.

PapersOwl’s tool catches even the slightest traces of plagiarized content and gives detailed explanations with percentages. It also features a title generator for essay for free. The checks run super-fast; it takes about 20 seconds to scan an average article of 2,000 words.

Finally, PapersOwl offers on-the-spot solutions for your writing problems. You can hire skilful writers displayed on the web page to rewrite, proofread, and edit your paper.


Grammarly is a first-class plagiarism checker that strives to deliver all-encompassing excellence. As your virtual assistant, Grammarly tracks your writing for linguistic accuracy, readability, and plagiarism. It is available as a browser extension, as an app, and as a word-processing tool plugin.

However, the free version lacks several helpful features. For instance, it won’t tell you which content is inauthentic but only the percentage of plagiarized work. Conversely, the paid tiers ($12 a month billed annually) check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, tone, clarity, and engagement. They also compare your papers with over 16 billion websites. It works directly in your document and alerts you of plagiarized sentences. The tool is safe since it doesn’t store and share your documents.

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Unicheck is a top-notch service that uses an AI tool to scan your articles. Over 1,000 academic organizations use it in their daily course of work because it searches across 91 billion sources and library files.

Once the plagiarism check is over, the results appear systematically by colour codes. The plagiarism score will increase or decrease as you keep editing the paper. In addition, Unicheck boasts various features, including Office 365, Chrome, and Google Docs integration and a personal dashboard.

The app is secure because all the accounts are encrypted. However, the software can be overwhelming for some users who prefer design simplicity. As for pricing, the Personal package starts at $5 and goes up depending on the number of pages you want to check. 


ProWritingAid is a free online plagiarism checker that scans your papers against other sources. Besides ensuring uniqueness, it also detects over 20 language mistakes, including grammar, punctuation, style, and consistency.

ProWritingAid allows users to download a plagiarism report and helps with editing, citations, and snippets. Plus, you can integrate it through extensions with apps such as Gmail, Google Docs, Firefox, and Chrome.

The tool is easy to navigate and supports various files. On top of that, plagiarism checks are always detailed, thanks to a database of over 20 billion source files. The basic version is free, whereas the Premium package costs $6.58 per month ($79.00 billed annually).


CopyScape is probably the best plagiarism checker available online. As cloud-based software, it helps users detect traces of plagiarism and content theft. To check, you can insert the text in the provided box or paste the URL of the page. 

An exceptional feature of CopyScape is that users can compare two texts side by side and analyze copied chunks. Besides being thorough and conducting in-depth searches, the tool is user-friendly and safe. Note that Copyscape offers a free version, whereas the paid tiers depend on the number of pages you’re scanning.

To Sum Up

So, there you have the best plagiarism checkers available online. These tools operate as standalone software and plugins for your apps. Also, the reviewed plagiarism checkers have language improvement features and extensive content databases.

Whatever your preference, you can’t go wrong. With the apps outlined, your privacy as a student is guaranteed, and the cost is negligible, considering the quality you get. 


Unique Speech Writing Tips for College Students

Speech writing is one of the many skills you may need as a student in college. When it comes to writing a good speech, there are right ways and wrong ways to do it. Learning the best ways to do it can help to improve your confidence in both your writing and public speaking skills. Standing in front of an audience is not as intimidating when you know you have a good speech in your hands. 

Source – FreePik

Speech writing starts with research

Knowing how to start a speech for students begins with doing some research about the topic. You should look for the most useful and interesting ideas that you know your audience will appreciate. The more passionate you are about the topic, the more engaging your speech is likely to be. Think about your audience and who will be listening to your speech while doing your research. It may help to listen to other speeches so you can learn more about how other great speakers present their thoughts to encourage audience engagement. 

Make an outline

Create an outline for your speech and write down all the main points you want to get across. When doing so, keep your audience, the purpose of the speech, and its length in mind. This can help you to get a strong message across to the audience where your ideas flow logically, and the points you make are clear. The purpose or intention of your speech will affect how you write it. So you will write an informative speech in a different way from a persuasive speech. 

Use speech writing services

As a student, you may have so much coursework and so many essays to write that you don’t have time to write a speech. You can make use of speech writing services from EduBirdie online. A speechwriter will help make every part of your speech worth listening to. You can ask for unlimited revisions if necessary. You will also find essay examples on the site, and you can get professional writers to write everything from term essays to quality research papers for you. 

Work on your opening sentence

With a unique opening sentence, you can make sure you grip the attention of an audience right away. Knowing how to start a speech in college gives you a distinct advantage. Many good speakers will start by telling a joke, so the audience laughs and becomes more receptive because their barriers come down. Your opening sentences should give listeners an immediate sense of what is to come and make them want to hear more. 

Check that your speech flows coherently

As a student trying to write a speech, you may not realize that it lacks coherence. You want to get across so many interesting ideas that you may switch from one to another without thinking about how they connect. The conclusion at the end of the speech does not sum up the ideas and leaves the audience feeling confused about the main idea you were trying to bring across.

Make sure your speech sounds natural

Speeches for students don’t have to sound too formal. The audience shouldn’t have to think too much about the language and words you use. Using simple words and the clear intonation is much better than mumbling and using long, complex sentences. Try to avoid using too much scientific jargon unless your speech is for a very specific scientific audience. You need to present your ideas in a simple way that holds attention. Using ambiguities and taking too many side tracks is often confusing for an audience. 

Read the speech aloud

The best way to make improvements to a speech is to practice reading it aloud. This makes it easier to pick up any mistakes. Going with it, you can pick up where sentences sound unnatural. You can start to work on your intonation and how you will emphasize certain words. The more you read your speech aloud, the easier it will be to remember, and you will have more confidence when presenting it. 

Edit and revise your speech

The last step is to make revisions and perfect your speech. Having family or friends run an eye over it can give you feedback that helps you to make improvements. AI tools in education can also help you to improve your speech writing. For example, there are tools that can generate conclusions for you from the ideas you use in the speech. 


In the professional world, your speech writing skills are important in a variety of job positions. There are also many other occasions in your life where you may have to give a speech, and your speech writing skills will come in handy. If you keep your audience in mind and can bring across your ideas in a logical yet engaging way, it’s a skill that has many advantages for you.


5 Best Writing Services You Need if You are a College Student

What are other duties of learners aside from attending lectures? Of course, writing different documents is a significant task for every student. By composing papers, learners are able to demonstrate their writing skills and knowledge of passed material to educators.

But what if the subject of an essay is hard to understand? Or you have been ill for some time and as a result, missed a lot of classes? Then you may appear in a situation where you will be overloaded with unfinished educational projects.

Fortunately, there is a good solution for how to prepare yourself for the next semester and avoid unwanted academic stress. The best decision is to lean upon top-rated essay writing services. These are platforms where learners of all academic levels are able to request aid with writing papers.

Just imagine, you ask one of the 5 best and most competent paper writing organizations mentioned below to create a unique document for you. At the same time, you can relax and spend time as you want. All worries will be put aside since a pleasant grade is surely guaranteed for you.

Choose the Essay Writing Service that Works Best for You

Nowadays, the global pandemic has changed the learning process. Students have to stay at home and have lessons remotely. Despite some educational institutions have already returned back to offline learning, the number of students who face complexities with writing did not decrease.

Luckily, you can employ professional essay writers just by having a good internet connection, any type of device, and a little sum of money on your bank card. These authors will take full responsibility for themselves and compose a top-notch document for you. You, in turn, will be able to rest, dedicate time to other activities, and more.

To start cooperation, you should enter in the search bar something like “paper writing platform” and a large number of representatives will be shown for you. The main rule is not to rely upon the first appeared company. It is recommended to analyze potential platforms before leaving your queries on them. For saving you time, we have already checked five writing organizations and provided overviews on them so you pick the fittest one with ease.

1. — The Best Custom Essay Writing Service

If you wonder why is worth your focus, there are several reasons for this. To begin with, when a student decides to “pay someone to write my paper“, he/she will choose with a high probability. As a rule, such decisions are supported by the high customer satisfaction rate that the platform shows. surely stands out from its competitors and similar companies. Customers are a top priority for this company. Among the main features and peculiarities of the platform we can highlight:

  • a large number of active essay writers who are ready to proceed to your query in a flash of an eye;
  • availability of an interesting blog section full of useful articles;
  • all authors are masters and Ph.D. degree holders;
  • timely delivery of all written documents;
  • the user-friendly interface of the company website;
  • good quality of papers even if online authors operate under tight deadlines;
  • the possibility to employ an online helper who is able to manage the assignment in any discipline;
  • the opportunity to request writing from scratch, editing, paraphrasing, proofreading, and other types of services.

The available benefits guaranteed from collaboration with are not limited to this list. In order to feel by yourself all the advantages proposed by a team of, it is enough to leave your first query.

2. — Best Writing Service for Bidding

Are you looking for paper writing organizations where there are no fixed rates on proposed services? This is where will suit this need the most. After you leave your query, you will start obtaining proposals from hundreds of active authors. You will be able to see the rating of every potential online helper and make a decision on the most suitable writer according to the price that fits you the most.

If you are not sure what assistant to select, you can ask managers of this platform to pick the best essay writer for your homework. Aside from an attentive and helpful customer support department, the company can boast the following pros:

  • direct communication with your attached helper;
  • 14-day revision period;
  • detailed information on how the company’s authors are hired;
  • easy-to-navigate website;
  • the presence of profiles of top authors with detailed information about their ratings and reviews from buyers;
  • a detailed guide on how to leave your query;
  • free of charge formatting and bibliography;
  • creation of documents from scratch that guarantees 100% originality;
  • all authors possess outstanding qualifications and strong writing skills;
  • complete privacy of buyers.

In addition to these advantages, adheres to official policies. For example, if your attached assistant violates the deadline, uses works of other writers, does not meet the established instructions, or does not cover the theme of your assignment fully, you will possess the right to request a refund.

3. — Top College Essay Writing Service

Verifying lots of paper writing organizations requires time and effort. To simplify this process, you can rely on the paper writing service Reddit which has many positive testimonials. is exactly one of the companies that deserve your attention without a doubt.

The website has been providing buyers with services for many years. It gained a good reputation among users. On this platform, you will never be left with poorly written documents. There are a lot of reasons for learners to choose this organization:

  • there is no necessity to borrow money from friends or family relatives in order to request writing aid on this platform; prices on all services are affordable for every learner;
  • the quality of ready documents is always high;
  • brief data about pro paper authors who are waiting to start performing your query;
  • the process of leaving queries will take little time;
  • blog section that includes interesting and important articles for learners, for example, “What is Essay Format?”, “Great Ideas for Sociology Research Topics”, “How to Create a Good Compare and Contrast Essay Outline?”, and more;
  • there is no necessity to pay for the title page, references, revisions, and formatting since these features are free of charge;
  • all authors possess great experience in writing academic papers.

Did you recall your homework at the last moment? Hasten to ask for writing support from a team of rather than starting panicking. You will not surely regret your choice.

4. — Best Homework Help Writing Service

This site has been running for many years on the market which makes it recognizable to learners from all corners of the world. is known as a place where buyers can order homework of any type and complexity. If you are unfamiliar with this platform, you should hasten to leave your first query and obtain the following benefits:

  • instant writing, proofreading, and editing aid for high school, college, university, master, and Ph.D. learners;
  • a large number of helpful articles for students are gathered in the blog section on the organization’s website;
  • a team of authors who are specialists in various disciplines from chemistry to history;
  • the possibility to save a good sum of money at the expense-free of charge services such as edits, originality report, formatting, outline, title page;
  • on the company’s website, one can discover short presentations from top authors about their experience and skills;
  • easy and understandable process of leaving requests;
  • flawless academic papers.

If you have doubts about whether to ask for aid from experts of the because of the fear of being revealed by your educator, you should stop worrying. Your cooperation with platform will be kept secret entirely. No one will have an idea that somebody created a document instead of you.

5. — Top Dissertation Writing Service

Among all the academic papers that every student should compose, a dissertation is probably considered one of the troublesome and time-consuming assignments. As a rule, educators allocate much time for students to dissertation writing, however, as practice shows, not all learners can deal with this task timely.

Instead of dedicating sleepless nights to the writing process and forgetting about your friends and relatives, you can ask the best essay writing services in the U.S to perform the entire job instead of you. For example, will fit the most for dissertation writing. Also, you will be able to request aid with other types of papers and become a holder of benefits such as: 

  • special discount for newbies on the first query;
  • a guarantee of returning your money back if a ready paper does not meet your expectations;
  • checking written documents on plagiarism via special software;
  • severe adhering to the established instructions;
  • the whole process of leaving queries will take a few clicks;
  • finishing all projects on time.

If you are tired of numerous educational assignments, is your chance to rest and relax while your documents are in the reliable hands of experts. The qualified authors will make all efforts for you to obtain only high grades from educators.

Writing Service Online: FAQs

Cooperation with essay writing companies seems simple. Buyers establish certain requirements, attach materials, set deadlines, etc. Managers respond to queries instantly and start picking the most suitable online assistant immediately. As a result, customers begin to observe performing their queries, and within the required deadline they possess the possibility to download ready documents on their devices.

Still, as practice shows, some questions can appear before or during collaborating with paper writing organizations. Learners may wonder what rates are proposed by the best college essay writing service, whether it is legal to ask for writing aid from expert authors, what are the guarantees of not being cheated, etc. In order to dispel doubts, we gathered the most frequently asked questions from learners and provided responses to them.

You can have a look at this section no matter if you are a newcomer in ordering written documents or have some experience in cooperating with qualified authors. If some questions remain, you can contact the customer support departments of the above-discussed organizations. There is a 100% guarantee that you will obtain answers to all the issues of your interest.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Writing Service for My Purposes?

First, you should think about your priorities. Do you want to pay as little money as possible for a written document? Does quality matter the most for you? Do you desire to possess the possibility to select an online author by yourself? Do fast results play a significant role for you? Do you plan to make use of the free features and discounts proposed by the writing platform? Do you expect to employ skilled and native-speaker authors?

The mentioned factors will assist you to review the above-discussed representatives of paper writing organizations and select the right match according to your necessities.

Can my Instructor Tell me if I Hired an Online Essay Writer?

As a rule, some learners may doubt whether to employ smart authors. There is a fear that educators can understand that students asked somebody else to create educational papers. This can create a risk of obtaining low grades for academic projects.

Fortunately, all worries and uncertainties can be put aside if you make a decision to trust one of the above-discussed top essay writing services. All these companies value the privacy of buyers. Your personal information will be kept secret reliably.

Your attached online assistant will send a ready document long before the established deadline. This means you will possess enough time to read a paper and be prepared for a presentation in front of your educator. No one will possess the idea that you employed competent authors for dealing with your homework.

How Much Should I Pay Someone for My Essay?

There are no fixed prices for writing services. Every organization sets its own pricing policy with special offers, discounts, and promo codes. The approximate rate for your future paper can be defined by a calculator that can be found on the main page of companies’ sites.

The final price for chosen service will be defined on the basis of the urgency of your query, academic level, and discipline. The above-discussed writing platforms propose affordable rates for buyers. Since the majority of clients are learners, companies make their services available to every student even with limited budgets. Despite not having high prices, the quality of documents sent is always top.

How Long Does It Take for a Writer to Do My Paper?

One of the elements of the process of leaving queries is to set a deadline. For example, you are in a hurry and desire your assigned helper to create an essay within a few hours. It is possible for a skilled professional, but still, you should be ready to pay more for urgent queries.

If you know your homework is challenging, it is advisable to leave requests as early as possible. This is a guarantee you will not overpay and your smart author will cover a theme of the assignment entirely.

What do I Need to Do to Order an Essay?

Learners are always limited on time. Just imagine the number of educational projects they should prepare. This means it is desirable that the process of leaving queries does not take much time.

Luckily, the above-discussed paper writing platforms offer simple steps of asking for aid. Your task is to tell about your homework as much as possible. Specify the theme of your assignment, attach materials, establish a deadline, etc. After that, attentive managers will respond to your query and will start picking the fittest author instantly.

You will not possess time to look back as your assistant proceeds to your query. Everything that is left for you is to wait while an expert creates a unique document for you. As a result, within the set deadline, you will be able to download a ready paper and prepare for the defence in front of your group.


Writing educational papers is not easy. Editing and proofreading processes require effort as well. Do not hasten to think about how you will spend nights in order to prepare all projects timely. There is a working way to avoid academic stress and obtain high grades for ready assignments.

An effective solution implies contacting paper writing organizations and asking their authors for aid. The above-discussed platforms include competent writers who know their job well and possess all the necessary skills to compose original, free of mistakes, and top-quality documents for you.

If you are a learner who is in trouble with the workload of academic tasks, just let professionals do the entire job instead of you. This is beneficial in all aspects. For a fair price, you obtain top-notch paper and free yourself from anxiety. Become a step closer to improved academic performance by leaving your query on one of the reputable paper writing platforms.


Best Pinterest Video Downloader in 2022

Do you want to download a video from the Pinterest website? If yes then this article is especially for you because in this article I will show you the 6 Best Pinterest Video downloaders with their features.

Pinterest started as an image-sharing social media platform, but for some time Pinterest allow video sharing so now people also share short videos on Pinterest.

Best Pinterest Video Downloader

1. Pinterest Video

Pinterestvideo is one of the best tools to download videos, gifs, stories and reels from Pinterest sites in high quality. Using this tool you can download Pinterest videos in HD, SD, and, FULL HD and 4K.

The best part of this tool is Fast downloads and conversions with no rate limiting and the worst part of this tool are it contains ads.

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2. PintoDown

PintoDown is not different from other Pinterest video downloaders. It is a simple and easy video downloading tool that can be used on your pc, desktop, laptop, tablet, or Android smartphone.

The best part of this tool is you can download videos in different video qualities i.e., 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. and the worst part of this tool is it contains too many ads.

Also, read – Best Youtube Video Downloader

3. Expertstool

Expertstool is a simple cloud-based Pinterest video downloader tool that doesn’t need any installation. Just paste a link to the content you want to own and get it right on your device fast. Downloading Pinterest videos, stories, and reels Pinterest are made easy with this tool.

The best part of this tool is you can download Pinterest videos, stories, and even reels and the worst part of this tool is it takes little bit more time to provide downloading links.

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4. Offeo

Offeo Pinterest downloaders are apps that enable you to download videos from Pinterest and save them in video or music format on your device so you can play them anytime you like.

The best part of this tool is you can download videos in 4K if the video is uploaded in 4k and I did not find any worst part of this tool.

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5. Pinterest Downloader

Pinterest Downloader is a free Pinterest video downloader online tool. You can also download Pinterest Images and Gif directly to your computer, tablet or mobile by using Pinterest Downloader.

The best part of this tool is you can download videos and gifs in high definition and the worst part of this tool is it takes too much time to provide downloading links.

6. BotDownloader

BotDownloader is another free Pinterest video downloader. This tool is not different from others. You can use BotDownloader to download Pinterest videos, images, or GIFs. you can also convert Pinterest videos to mp4 with botdownloader’s built-in features.

The best part of this tool is it’s free and you don’t need to signup to use their service. The worst part of this tool is it contains ads.


4 Popular Outlook Address Book Problems and How to Fix Them

Outlook Address Book is a complex set of address ledgers and lists based on the Contact folder. It’s a very convenient and well-developed service to manage not only email addresses and newsletters but also the calendar, task lists, and contacts, thanks to its functions.

Outlook is a leader in the business emailing area, providing a wide spectrum of tools. You can always migrate to Outlook and start enjoying all its advantages using an online service — It allows you to transfer your data quickly and safely from any of the 18 most popular email clients.

The Outlook Address Book has 2 main advantages: a common list of addresses on the Exchange Server, available to all account users, and personal offline Address Books, used without an Exchange Server connection. They are precious but sometimes cause problems with Outlook. The troubles are rather frequent but can be solved fast and easily. Let’s discuss the 4 most popular Address Book issues and quick ways to fix them.

1. Address Book doesn’t display contacts

The Contacts list is empty or unselectable. There are some different reasons for this issue. Either source files or the Book service may be corrupted, or some settings may be chosen wrong.

How to fix

  • Check if your Address Book is bound to your Mail Profile.
    • Go to File > Account Settings > tab Address Books.
    • If your Book service is already included, set your Contacts folder as an Address Book source. Call the context menu of the Contacts folder, go to Properties > tab Outlook Address Book > Select option, and choose your folder as the source one.
    • If there is no Address Book bound to Contacts, create a new one: click on Additional Address Books and select Outlook Address Book in a new dialog form.
    • Save the changes, close, and restart Outlook.
  • Address Book service is corrupted.
    If the previous way didn’t work, probably, the matter is with the Address Book service. The best way to fix it is to create a new Mail Profile.
    • Open Mail applet.
    • Click Add and enter a name for the new profile. Do not delete the old profile before finishing and checking the new one.
    • Use the Auto Account Setup dialog to set the profile features.
    • After restarting Outlook, the service should work properly.

2. Unable to download offline Address Book

When you use an Exchange server and try to synchronize your offline Address Book with GAL (Global Address List), you may get an error message that your Address Book can’t be downloaded and a server can’t be located. In this case, the issue probably is in an AutoDiscovery DNS record bound to your domain name. 

How to fix

  • If you use an Intermedia AutoDiscover server, this record is created automatically after your domain name registration. Check if it exists:
    • Go to the HostPilot applet.
    • Find Control Panel, click Services > Domains > Domain Name.
    • Choose the DNS Records tab.
    • If the record doesn’t exist, contact your DNS Server administrators to set it up. They will create a host using your domain name, its CNAME record, bound to the DNS record, and list the record in the HostPilot. 

Attention: you should wait up to 72 hours while DNS changes take effect. 

3. Unable to send email using Address Book

If you send emails using an offline Address Book, you may get a non-delivery report. It always includes the reason for the failed operation and some tips to fix it, but they are not obligatory clear for you.

How to fix

Your actions depend on the error description. In some cases, the best solution is just to wait and retry sending an email later. If it doesn’t work, contact an administrator who will check the connection and server state.

For example:

  • STOREDRV.Deliver: recipient thread limit exceeded
    Your recipient’s mailbox receives too many emails in a short time. 
  • Connection refused [Message=Socket error code 10061]
    The service tries to connect to an external, non-Windows, server but fails.
  • Certificate-expired: The destination mail server’s certificate is expired.
    Due to a slow connection during delivery, the server’s certificate has expired, and there is a mismatch between the certificate and message requirements.
  • Message expired.
    The case is similar to the previous one, but here it’s the message in a delivery queue, which has been excluded from a delivery thread. This case may also notify you about the troubles with a remote server.
  • Access denied. Please, try again later.
    It points to suspicious and potentially malicious activity detected at your account or IP.

In some cases, you need to correct service issues manually.

For example:

  • Too many recipients.

The message has more than 200 recipients from one domain. Exclude excess addresses and email them later. 

  • X-dg-ref header is too long.
    Your email contains a Rich Text formatted (Microsoft Word) fragment, which can’t be interpreted with the recipient’s email organization. Replace it with a simple text.
  • Bad destination mailbox address.

You may enter the recipient’s email address with mistakes and check it attentively. If it’s correct, the recipient’s mailbox probably has been moved or removed. Contact its owner for details.

  • Delivery not authorized
    You don’t have permission to message this address. Ask the recipient to allow you this action.

4. AutoComplete doesn’t work properly

When you type the first characters in the Address or Names field, the variants aren’t displayed as tips, or the field shows only part of them. The most frequent reason is turned-off AutoComplete, but sometimes it’s the fault of a special cache folder.

How to fix

  • Check if AutoComplete is turned on or off. 
    • Click File > Options > Mail tab.
    • Find the checkbox: Use AutoComplete List to suggest names when typing in the To, Cc, and Bcc lines
    • If it is selected, click on Empty AutoComplete List and confirm the changes. 
  • If it’s not selected or AutoComplete still doesn’t work, try to reset the RoamCache folder.

 Be careful: all addresses in your AutoComplete will be deleted.

  • Close the Outlook window.
  • Go to the Windows Start Menu, find the Search program, and type in the files field: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook into.
  • Choose and rename the RoamCache folder.
  • Restart the application. After that, Outlook will create a new uncorrupted folder.

These tips will surely help you with the most popular Address Book issues and make Outlook usage even more comfortable and fast. Both Microsoft company and the community do care about user experience. Therefore, there will be new bugs fixed and fresh tips shared to solve the widespread problems. Stay tuned!


Top 4 Helpful Services to Use in Studies 

Getting an education is a long process which you cannot do without help. In order for knowledge to be complete, it is necessary to constantly study new information obtained from reliable sources. Students also need support in writing scientific papers, where expert opinion is indispensable. We have made a selection of 4 services that will help students successfully pass the sessions and improve their professional and personal skills.

1 – To work with the original text

Diploma, course and test papers, as well as reports and abstracts, are an integral part of studying at the university. The originality of the finished text and its compliance with the grammatical and stylistic norms of the language is extremely important in evaluating the work. Services like that are very popular among students very carefully monitor these parameters. These services will help save time on checking the written text and increase its uniqueness.

If we talk about plagiarism from the point of view of its official meaning, then it recognizes the appropriation of other people’s thoughts and ideas, when someone’s work or part of it is presented as a product of their own creativity. For example, if in your essay, term paper or diploma you used fragments from any textbook, article or any other scientific work, without observing the citation rules (using quotation marks, putting links to the real author), then this will be considered plagiarism in its true meaning.

Today there are many such programs. Moreover, some are designed to directly check student and scientific papers, while others are designed to check web texts for sites. Students should have a bookmark of such a program on their desktops. If there is no time for not even checking, but writing paperwork, we recommend

2 – Services for working with documents

PDF is one of the most secure formats. Easy to read and reproducible everywhere. Almost everyone works with it and often you need to convert from pdf to Excel, make changes to finished files, correct, correct errors, and so on. It is very common for students to have to convert a photo into a document. For example, a photo to pdf conversion service will help you quickly and easily make an electronic abstract. Such a document is very convenient to store on your phone or tablet. It is possible to give lectures or learn the material in transport without the need to carry heavy textbooks or bulky notebooks.

3 – To-do planner

The student’s working day is usually based on the formed schedule. Timely visits to couples are the main, but far from the only task of a student at a university. So, first of all, students need to constantly plan the process of preparing for practical classes, doing homework and doing independent work on long-term tasks, such as course projects. The success of a student sometimes directly depends on the effectiveness of planning these events.

Very often, students do not have enough time and energy to successfully combine good grades and a pleasant vacation. As a result, someone sacrifices academic performance for the sake of pleasure, and someone sacrifices leisure, devoting all their time to study. Basically, the reason for this imbalance lies in the wrong process of organizing your time. However, sometimes it is difficult to manage everything, and that is when cheap paper writing comes for help.

Indeed, it is very difficult to clearly plan everything and then follow it up if the necessary notes and notes are scattered across many sources and places: something is written in a notebook, a paper diary, something in the margins of a notebook, something on stickers that have already fallen off monitor.

An electronic glider that can be opened on the phone is a real find for many. Plan your day and have everything on your phone – what could be more convenient and easier?

4 – A voice recorder 

A voice recorder for a student is a lifesaver that allows you to save energy on rewriting lectures, making it possible to record what was said word for word and listen to everything without fuss and interference at any convenient time.

All that remains student – to outline diagrams, drawings, and graphs. It used to be that students went to lectures with a pile of textbooks and notebooks, in which they frantically tried to take notes. Now, to record lectures, an ordinary smartphone with one of the special programs is quite enough. For example, some applications will do a great job not only with voice recording but also allow you to highlight important fragments.

The bottom line

The learning process is really difficult. Students often suffer from a lack of time for endless lectures and a huge flow of information. However, the conversion process can and should be made easier with the help of available applications and programs. In this article, we talked about 4 basic tools that every successful student should use.


8 Popular Travel Destinations For Students On A Budget

What we’ll give to be young students again. To be full of energy to explore the world and unravel some of its mysteries. However, we’ll very much love to avoid essays as much as possible. If there’s a way to become students again without writing essays, we’ll jump at it immediately. Snap! There is a way to avoid writing essays as a student. 

Assignment writer allow you to be a student and have a freer schedule. All you need to do is contact them, order, choose a deadline and expect one of the best essays you’ve ever read. Essays sometimes take the fun out of being a student. The planning, researching, brainstorming, outlining, and writing can be a long, tedious process. Plus, you must do all this while thinking about a deadline. 

Honestly, you need a break, and we are not just talking about waking, sleeping, or boozing. You need a real break. You need to see different sights, absorb different cultures and try new foods. Yes, you need to travel and why are you laughing? You can travel, and it wouldn’t cost you ask much as you think. What you need is the right information about where to go. 

We have that information for you. In this post, we will give you 8 popular travel destinations for students on a budget. So, go pack your bags. We are going on an adventure.

Why You Should Travel 

  • Travelling allows you to meet new people and experience their culture. The world is vast, and you will have limited perspectives when choosing not to explore. 
  • School can be draining. Due to the workload, there is a strain on your mental health. When you travel, your mind could begin to work to heal itself by taking in new pleasurable sights. 
  • Your physical health could significantly improve with travelling, especially if you are the kind that loves hiking or swimming. 

8 Popular Travel Destinations For Students On A Budget

Credit – Pixabay


If you love the sea and beaches, you should pack your bags and book the next available flight to Thailand. Don’t worry. The flights are cheap, and you will find reasonable accommodations that won’t stretch your budget when you get there. You can get the meals you want in restaurants or patronize street vendors.

Thailand has different beaches begging for you to visit. Among them is the beach with the white sand of Ko Phi Phi. You can swim and refresh yourself in the Ko Phi Phi waters or just enjoy the beautiful sights its turquoise water has to offer. 


Portugal can be cheap for tourists and is one of the most affordable places to travel to Europe. Due to its popularity among travellers, you can get amazing flight deals and even more exciting accommodation choices. 

You will bask in the flashy Portuguese culture and enjoy its incredibly tasting foods. There are different sights to see. You can visit the iconic Tower of St. Vincent and Porto, bordered by the soothing River Douro. 

Also, there is the beach in Lagos where you can sunbathe yourself. If you love parties, summertime is a great time to visit Portugal as it is one of the hottest destinations for concerts and tours. 


If you want to party while enjoying one of the most fascinating cultures in the world, visit Cuba. Cuba is all about the beaches, parties, and bubbling nightlife. Have fun touring the colourful city of Havana and retire to an affordable hotel that would help you relax and gear you on for the next days touring.  


Himalaya’s Nepal gives a traveller who has had weary moments the rejuvenation they seek. The accommodations are unreasonably cheap yet still more than decent. The sights you’ll see make everything worth it. When you get to Nepal, just visit Kathmandu and enjoy the beautiful architecture. 

Dominican Republic 

Honestly, what is travelling without some exotic beaches and a nice long swim? In addition, if you love to surf, surf up, and if you don’t want to surf, but you enjoy kayaking, that’s another activity you can do. To enjoy this country the most, you should visit Puerto Plata for the best unique attractions. 


The Batu caves are one of the places you should visit when you get to Malaysia. Then head on to the Cameron Highland and lose yourself in the sea of green landscape dotted with heels. You have an even more adventure-like feeling as you explore the rainforests of this beautiful country. 


India is a country that never sleeps and is always eager for travellers. You can tour the city of Mumbai and have a feel of how fast-paced the city is. You can then relax after touring the lonely Goa beaches. 

South Africa

SA has some amazing places you should visit. You can enjoy the breathtaking city of Durban and its pleasant weather. If you want more, you can visit Cape Town, and that’s not all. There is the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens with an incomparable vibrancy and the Garden Route National Park with its lush greenery. 


The locations we have provided for you will rejuvenate you beyond what you could have imagined. Pack your bags, visit and come back with a renewed appreciation for life.  

Disclaimer – This article is published by a guest author and all opinion about countries is their own


10 Math Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Say goodbye to your problems! In this list of math learning apps, you’ll find the best alternatives to download today. If you have always had trouble with numbers, keep reading this article to the end. 

Math is part of our daily lives and we can’t ignore it, on the contrary, learning more about it will be useful for both academic and professional purposes. To help you along the way, math study apps come to the rescue.  

While other students are looking for writing papers for money, you can tackle your homework with the math apps. Let’s get started! 

10 Math learning apps that will improve your counting skills

1. Photomath

First on our list of math learning apps is Photomath, the perfect app to reinforce your knowledge of basic math, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics.

This math app is available in 30 languages and is very easy to use. All you have to do is scan with a compatible device the problems you want to solve. These can be printed or handwritten texts.

When you scan them, the app will give you the result of each exercise as well as a detailed step-by-step breakdown of each operation. The purpose of this math app is to help you better understand the discipline through practice and repetition. 

On the other hand, Photomath has a scientific calculator option that allows you to write or edit specific problems and see several solution models for each exercise. It also has interactive graphics to enhance your experience with the app.

2. iMathematics

The second math app on our list is presented as a personalized tutor, with over 70 topics designed in a simple and straightforward explanation scheme to help you understand them faster. In addition, this number problem app also allows you to add personal notes to use as reminders. 

Another of iMathematics’ most relevant features is that it offers several interactive calculators for some of its courses. What’s more, this math app gives you the ability to save the exercises you want, so you can review them whenever you see fit. 

Finally, we must emphasize that the iMathematics app has a Pro version with which you can access more topics and get materials such as interactive multiple-choice tests, graphing calculator, systems solver, etc. to keep improving your learning.

3. GeoGebra

Learning math has never been easier than with GeoGebra, one of the most popular math apps. First of all, this app is one of the most advanced on the list because it includes dynamic resources and tools for data analysis and statistics. 

Second, this math app has a suite of calculators that perform different functions depending on the type of subject matter. Among them are “Graphing,” which allows you to solve equations of all kinds; and 3D, which allows you to project various three-dimensional shapes, as its name implies. 

Finally, this math app has options for exam calculators and algebraic calculation systems. 

4. Mathway

Mathway is another one of the most popular apps for learning math, as it helps you understand how to solve different types of number problems. Moreover, just like the apps mentioned above, this app allows you to do all the necessary calculations online.

To get the answers to the problems you have in front of you, you just need to write an outline or take a picture of the problems and upload them to the platform. Once this math app generates a solution, it allows you to visualize each step of the solution so you can view the process. 

But what subjects can we learn in Mathway? Among the areas or subjects in which this app allows us to do the math, we find the following: 

  • Basic math
  • Finite math
  • Preliminary algebra
  • Algebra
  • Linear algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Precalculus
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Chemistry 
  • Graphical representations

Finally, it’s important to note that this math app requires a monthly fee to access the more advanced exercises because they work through a large database.

5. My Script Calculator 2

Are you looking for apps for learning math with your tablet? If so, My Script Calculator 2 is one of the best. One of the features most appreciated by users is the ability to draw operations right on the screen. The app’s recognition system then interprets your strokes to offer you the perfect solution.

Another of its main attributes is the scratch gesture tool, which makes it easy to remove symbols and numbers. Most importantly, the results produced by this math app can be copied and exported to other platforms to share with anyone. 

We’re sure that My Script Calculator 2 will be the ally you need to get your homework done.

6. Graphing Calculator + Math

The sixth place on our list of the best apps for math is Graphing Calculator + Math. This app will be very useful if you want to learn quickly and easily. 

For example, the app includes several types of calculators in its toolbox: scientific, graphing, fractions, algebraic, and matrix calculators. The choice and use of each will depend on the course and level to which each exercise belongs. 

The functions performed by the types of calculators contained in this math application meet different needs and types of problems. In addition, some of them have common options, such as saving graphs or tables created on the calculator. This will allow you to review the material whenever you deem it necessary. 

Finally, like other applications for solving math problems, Graphing Calculator + Math has a free version and a PRO version. The latter allows you to define functions and constants to solve more complex problems. 

7. Formulas Free

Another app for solving math problems is Formulas Free. This is a great option for solving numerical problems from your tablet or smartphone. The app is available in more than 15 languages, but it is only available for Android.

As for its benefits, this math app will allow you to solve exercises in trigonometry, geometry, algebra, analytics, derivatives, and integrals. It also has tools for calculating geometric figures and finding the roots of equations.

On the other hand, Formulas Free has a search function to quickly get the formula you need. Moreover, this math app has a “Frequently Used” section where you can save formulas that you always use. 

Definitely, this math app is great for high school students, college students, and professionals who want to continue expanding and strengthening their knowledge.

8. Cymath

Do you have math homework but don’t know how to solve it? We have the solution! Cymath is a number problem solver app that allows you to watch each exercise step-by-step so you can practice it whenever you want.

The app also has a problem solver for algebra and calculus courses that will serve as a tutorial. Some of the topics you can learn in this math app are factorization, logarithms, quadratic equations, dividing polynomials, integrating by parts, rationalizing substitution, and more.

9. Integral Step-by-Step Calc

Integral Step-by-Step Calc is one of the most sophisticated and advanced applications for solving mathematical problems. 

This math app is available on the Google Play store and can be used as a calculator without the need for an internet connection. For more advanced exercises, however, you need a connection. 

On the other hand, the tools included in Step-by-step are focused on solving uncertain and definite integrals. That’s why we consider this one of the most comprehensive options if you want to do numbers from your device, so it couldn’t help but make our list of the best apps for math.

10. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha continues our list of the best apps for learning math problems. This app is ideal for engineering and other students who are looking for a convenient alternative that allows for constant practice in solving numerical problems.

Wolfram Alpha uses an extensive collection of algorithms and data to calculate answers to various problems and generates reports for its users. 

Finally, with this math problem solver application, you’ll have access to a library of information on topics in math, statistics and data analysis, physics, chemistry, engineering, and more for more sophisticated problem-solving.


We’re glad you made it to the end of this article. We are sure that this list of the best apps for learning math will be of great help to you in your studies or work. 

Remember, if you are planning to start a business, it is important for you to learn more about financial math, as it is key to ensuring the success of your company. Later on, you will be able to use tools like Excel to improve your data management skills.


7+ Best Writing Tools in 2022

Writing has been an essential component of human culture for ages. As we have evolved, so have our writing tools –from lost tools such as clay, slate, and wood, to pen and paper, typewriters, computers, and recently AI-enabled machines and software. Today, writers are spoilt for choice regarding the writing tools to consider for essay writing, storytelling, editing, organizing, or boosting productivity.

Whether you are a seasoned author, a casual blogger, an aspiring writer, or someone who likes to maintain a journal, keeping track of your thoughts and creating a masterpiece is always challenging. Unfortunately, the world continues to be busy, and there are a whole lot of issues to be attended to, making it difficult for one to sit and wait for writing inspiration to strike.

Fortunately, numerous writing tools are available online, free or paid, which can come in handy for authors, novelists, and playwrights, among others. These implements allow writers to put down ideas whenever they strike, regardless of time, and receive feedback on whether they are grammatically correct. As a result, productivity seems to be on an upward trajectory, leading to the continued development of the writing career.

What Are Some of The Best Tools for Writing?

As hinted, advanced technology in modern-day society presents multiple tools for writers to use during the inscription process. Such implementations range from those that check for grammatical errors, vocabulary, and sentence structure to those that offer suggestions on the correct line of thought. Equally, there are tools designed to aid writers by providing meaningful feedback and recommendations, making one adore the entire writing process.

Perhaps you might be conversant with Microsoft Office and Google Docs as some of the standard and most popular tools for writers. If yes, this article will present other tools to complement the latter and help you boost your expertise by choosing from the recommended selection.

1. LibreOffice

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Office is a common writing tool whose productivity is well known among writers. Here is its free counterpart: LibreOffice. It is a free classic word processor that might be useful for anyone interested in feeling the power of Microsoft Office without paying a dime. Moreover, it supports all the file types, from the .pptx, .ppt, .xlsx, .doc, and .docx.

2. Draft

Are you a fan of Google Docs? If yes, we might have just introduced you to another option, a perfect replica that is bound to improve your productivity by a significant margin. Draft is one of the best tools for book writers as it lets you keep track of the words you write every day. It can also send you email reminders if you fail to meet your daily word count goals. Aside from that, Draft works the same way as Google Docs, permitting collaborative writing via suggested edits and comments on the document.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant tool that surpasses basic spell checkers. The implementation includes functionalities that allow the writer to check grammar, spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism. Further, it enhances the vocabulary of the write-up, making it appear unique in its way.

Even though there is a free version of the software, the premium version is much better. However, accessing the premium version may be a bit of a hassle for less established writers such as casual bloggers, novel writers, or even students who might need to work on a single essay assignment.

At this point, one can choose to seek assistance from a professional essay writing service. The latter has access to the software and might save you from the hustle of purchasing premium accounts, as well as the overall writing process. CustomWritings is the best example of such companies, providing high-quality custom essay writing services. Furthermore, the website is available for both individuals and companies since they have experts who can generate original papers based on the client’s instructions regardless of whether the assignment is academic-oriented. Thus, it is common to find students in the USA and beyond placing orders, inquiries, or even buying custom essays and research papers depending on individual needs.

4. Reedsy Book Editor

This free online word processor formats your book as you write. It is a good option for authors interested in seeing their thoughts string into a ready-to-publish manuscript. Apart from the sophisticated level of organization that the tool offers, it has spelling-checker functionalities, which help to boost general productivity.

5. StayFocusd

Do you usually struggle to remain attentive and focus on your writing task, or are you just interested in avoiding distractions from other websites and apps? StayFocusd is your answer. It is a Google Chrome extension that helps you block all the sites you ask it to and prevents you from getting distracted. Therefore, it plays a part in improving your productivity and ensuring you deliver to your mandate.

6. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a three-in-one tool working as an AI-powered writing mentor, style editor, and grammar checker. It might just be an alternative to Grammarly. In addition, the implementation offers more granular recommendations, which might be the right dose for any serious writer to understand the mechanics of writing.

7. QuillBot

This AI-powered multi-purpose tool works as a citation generator, paraphraser, plagiarism checker, grammar checker, and co-writer. It is arguably one of the best tools in academia, even though it might not be a good option for content publishers and freelance writers.

Online Writing Tools for Students

When it comes to writing tools, a good number can be accessed online. This is primarily because most of them depend on an internet connection to provide the best services to the writers. For instance, except for LibreOffice and Microsoft Office, all the tools mentioned are online-based.

Even though we have discussed the best writing tools at the writer’s disposal, it might as well be essential to have some free tools from the list highlighted. Specifically, some writers might not be able to pay the premium subscriptions while still needing to boost their performance. Thus, at this point is where the free writing tools come in handy to save the day and ensure that all students meaningfully develop their careers.

From the above-discussed tools, the following can be accessed for free or at least have some free tiers:

  • LibreOffice
  • Draft
  • Grammarly
  • Reedsy book editor
  • ProWritingAid (chrome extension)

In sum, productivity is a very crucial aspect of writing. However, this is impossible when resources, from learning materials to writing tools, are unavailable. As a result, it has become a significant challenge for beginners to break through the industry, let alone come up with the best content. Therefore, with the recommendations in this article, we believe that writers, especially those beginning their careers, can garner some helpful information that will play a substantial role in their development.