How to List Development Tools on Resume?

In our modern world, knowing a couple of programming languages is one of the most important skills in the job market. Every field needs gadgets, machinery, or a website for its store. And this makes programming skills important. Choosing the ideal layout for your resume skills section as a resume will go a long way in helping you highlight your qualifications to your potential employer. How do you go about listing your development tools on your resume? In this post, we are going to answer this question and share with you a few tips that you can use to make your resume stand out.

Why list programming languages on your resume?

You should always list the programming languages that you are conversant with on your resume as long as they are relevant to the position that you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying for a programmer position in an organization, you need to look at the programming languages that have been listed in the job description. 

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Examples of programming tools to list

Since developers have lots of responsibilities, the skills that you choose to include in your document will depend on the role that you are applying to. Some of the common skills that you should feature include:

  • Programming languages – These are popular tools that most developers use to write lines of code and build apps. The languages that you choose to include will depend on what you’ve specialized in. Common programming languages include CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. To figure out how to list coding languages on your resume, review the job description.
  • Libraries – Libraries share pre-written code with developers to boost the development process. Similar to programming languages, the frameworks, and libraries that you include will depend on the role you are applying to. Popular libraries and frameworks include React and Angular respectively.
  • User Interface – Adding these skills to your document shows the hiring manager that you can accommodate other people’s needs. You need to summarize the demographics that you’ve targeted successfully and the approach that you used to fulfill their wants.  

How to list programming skills on a resume?

There are a lot of factors that you should consider before you list your programming skills successfully on your document. They include:

  1. Go through the job description

One of the first things that you should consider before listing your programming skills is to go through the original job post for the position that you want to apply for. The job description will help you know the skills that you need to highlight and the relevant experience needed to get the job.

  1. Format based on your qualifications

You should always use the right fonts and format. Tailor your skills to fit the programming skills that you possess, job position, and experience level. By keeping these elements in mind, you can easily format your current qualifications to promote employability.  

  1. Review the technical skills required

After going through the job description, you need to compare how the programming skills you have and relevant experience relate to the potential employer. If the job description does not go hand-in-hand with your qualifications, you should think of other areas that you can use to put yourself a step ahead of the crowd.

  1. Honesty is key

You should ensure that you are honest with your employer and yourself. And the potential employer that will read your resume. Ensure that you don’t include the programming languages that you aren’t conversant with or exaggerate your level of skill. If the job description doesn’t describe you, consider going after other opportunities that suit you best.

  1. Organize your skills

You need to organize your skills in order of complexity. The most advanced skills should appear before the beginner and intermediate levels. Doing this will encourage potential employers to stay engaged while they read your document. If they are skimming through resumes of different candidates, you need to have the programming skills and skill levels in the respective areas to have a greater chance of landing your dream job.

  1. Categorize skills into tools and operating systems

Apart from listing the programming skills that you possess in a bulleted and unordered format, you should consider organizing them based on different categories such as tools, programming languages, or operating systems. This will not only give the potential employer an easy time when reviewing your document but also demonstrate your organizational skills.


These are some of the best tips that will help you learn how to list programming languages on your resume. Following these tips will not only give your potential employer an easy time when going through your document but also increase your chances of landing your dream job.


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