10 Steps to Optimize a Macbook to Make Study More Productive

As a student, you want to be as productive and efficient as possible, so that you’ll have enough time for all your plans. Sometimes, to be productive and focused stays solely in your power; other times, your devices and gadgets can boost them. This is the case with Macs, some of the most popular and user-friendly laptops for students and not only. There are some Mac tips and tricks for students that will help them use all the features a Mac comes with that will make them more productive.

10 Tips on How to Optimize Student’s Mac

Are you the proud owner of a Mac computer and trying to figure out how to get the most out of it? Whether you’re a student navigating your studies or just want to make sure your computer is running as efficiently as possible, check out these 10 Mac productivity tips.

#1 Dark Mode

University life is full of academics and late-night studying. To protect your eyes from the strain of blue light, enable ‘Night Shift’ on your Mac which will automatically adjust screen luminosity according to time – regardless if it’s for essays or freelance writing! 

#2 Use Specialized Fonts

Fonts play a big part in communication – not only do they add style, but the right font can also affect readability and information retention. Sans serif fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Roboto are ideal for electronic devices as they provide greater clarity than other variations when viewed on-screen. To maximize success proofreading wisely you should use DP Sans Mono; this specialized typeface was designed specifically to achieve just that! Remember too ‘Sans Forgetica’ which has been scientifically proven to help retain knowledge by making it difficult to read: an innovative concept developed at RMIT University Australia!

#3 Install a VPN

Don’t underestimate the importance of a VPN in learning. On the one hand, the VPN extension provides access to any material in the world that might otherwise be blocked by the site’s regional restrictions. On the other hand, VPN protection allows you to study safely even when connected to public Wi-Fi. To better understand how does a VPN protect you, you should know that any public Wi-Fi network can intercept your data and then use it against you. VeePN uses 256-bit encryption – the best technology in the VPN world, guaranteeing a secure connection. This is a no-lag VPN, meaning you can even watch high-definition videos without any problems. To sum it up, a VPN is all about security, easy access to any site, and high connection speed. It has everything you need to improve student productivity.

#4 Sync Your iCloud Account 

College students, don’t let your laptop crashing or breaking leave you stranded! By syncing with iCloud, all of your documents will be safely stored online and accessible across any Apple device. So sign up today to protect yourself from potential data loss – it’s as easy as connecting an existing account if you already have another Apple product in your life. With the convenience of being able to access Mac files wherever you are anytime, get ahead on safeguarding important notes and projects now!

#5 VoiceOver

With macOS VoiceOver, you can transform any text into an auditory experience! This feature makes studying course material a breeze and even allows students to multitask while reading lengthy portions of the content. It’s also helpful for proofreading texts; the robot voice will help catch errors that may have been missed after multiple readings. Accessible with just two clicks (or one quick key combination) in System Preferences > Accessibility > VoiceOver, this technology lets us hear our work read aloud so we don’t have to strain our eyes – perfect for late-night cram sessions or endless research projects

#6 Clean Up Your Desktop

Having a cluttered desktop can be distracting and overwhelming. Instead of relying on folders and icons to manage your files, consider taking an active approach by sorting them into different areas in your home folder. You could also use Finder windows for quick drag-and-drop file transfers when needed – all while foregoing the extra visual clutter caused by having a wallpaper or too many objects on screen at once!

#7 Create Separate Users

Keep your digital life organized by creating separate user accounts for work and home. Downloading Slack with a specialized business account and Messages with another private one will help you stay on top of all tasks without the clutter of unnecessary information polluting each other’s space. In addition, setting up different fingerprints in System Preferences > Touch ID will make fast switching between users quick & easy!

#8 PDF Webpages 

College students can take their research to the next level with just a few clicks! By exporting articles as PDFs, they can keep track of useful resources without cluttering up their bookmarks – resulting in simpler studying and smoother course planning. Just remember about security, so as not to accidentally get on a virus-infected site. It is especially important to remain vigilant when downloading something. This is where a VPN can help. If you still doubt the usefulness of such an application, just see at the VPN reviews and you will understand how many dangers there are around. In fact, a VPN is more important than you think.

#9 Learn the Trackpad Gestures 

College students juggling multiple projects can now save time with macOS’s new trackpad gestures. With a simple swipe, they can jump between pages or apps and scroll & zoom in an instant – no more tedious switching! Take advantage of this great feature to increase your productivity today.

#10 Taking Screenshots 

Taking screenshots on Mac is an incredibly simple task. All it takes, thanks to the user-friendly aspect of Apple’s devices, is a touch of your fingertips and you’re off! Just hit command + shift + 3/4 for desktop or section capturing – whichever works best at that moment -and voila; instant screenshot saved. No waiting necessary – get editing right away with this awesome shortcut!


College students can benefit greatly from the many features that come with Mac devices. From VoiceOver to trackpad gestures, there are plenty of tools available to help make studying and other tasks easier and more efficient. Taking advantage of all these great opportunities will only increase productivity and success! It’s worth taking a look at what macOS has to offer.


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