The World’s Biggest Gamers Expos

Gaming is a popular industry that continues to grow each year. In fact, the industry generated nearly $350 billion in revenue in 2022. The mobile gaming market brought in $248 billion alone. These sectors will continue to grow as adults introduce their children to computer and console games. Attending a gamer’s expo is an excellent way to learn more about the hottest upcoming titles. You can also get hands-on experience with new controls and technologies.

Each exhibition booth will provide insight into a new video game, an upcoming console, or something else related to the industry. What are the biggest gamer expos in the world?


While it may not be a household name, Gamescom is widely believed to be the biggest gaming expo in the world. The event is held in Cologne, Germany annually. Usually, it attracts more than 300,000 gamers from Europe and around the world. Anyone wanting to attend must remember that this event is held at the end of August. During the event, the organizers reveal multiple award winners. At the last Gamescom, Payday 3 was declared the best PC game of the year.

Tekken 8 won the award for the Best PlayStation Game. The conference focuses on video games across multiple genres, including role-playing games, fighters, shooters, and more. It also provides PC developers and console developers a chance to display their titles.

PAX East

PAX East is held in Boston, Massachusetts. It remains one of the largest gaming conventions in North America. Over the years, numerous titles have been unveiled at PAX East. Some of those titles include Call of Duty, Gears of War, Halo, and The Witcher. Plus, it is common for indie developers to showcase their upcoming games at PAX East. On top of that, the convention is a good place for gamers to interact with developers.

Gamers also have the chance to talk to one another about their favorite games and build unique relationships. The event is described as a celebration of gaming and gaming culture. During the event, the expo hall is crammed full of stands by the world’s top publishers and studios. Each exhibition stand will provide a unique look at an upcoming title or console.

Guests can also partake in tournaments and enjoy musical performances. The event is held in March at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on Summer Street.


E3 is considered one of the hippest gaming conventions in the world. It is primarily held in the middle of June so the weather is going to be perfect. The latest E3 conference took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center following a break due to the pandemic. The event ran for three days starting on June 13 and ending on June 16. E3 always tries to blend business and customer perspectives to accommodate each side of the industry.

In 2023, the event had a feature called “Gamer Days” in which more emphasis was placed on consumers. They were given hands-on demos and chats with developers and content creators. It is

estimated that the event is attended by nearly 70,000 guests. Plus, the number of attendees has been climbing every year. At the end of the day, E3 remains one of the largest gaming expos in the world.

Comic-Con International

When you hear the name Comic-Con, you’re probably not thinking about video games. However, it should be noted that gaming and comics are often intertwined. It is common for comics to be turned into popular video games. Plus, many people who enjoy reading comics are also going to like playing video games. Therefore, it only makes sense for Comic-Con organizers to accommodate gamers as well. Comic-Con International is held in San Diego, California, and brings together more than 100,000 people annually.

It has many great features to enjoy. For instance, guests can take part in several cosplay contests. The event also hosts gaming tournaments so attendees can test their skills against others. Comic-Con covers comics, console games, PC games, and more.


After several years of digital-only events, QuakeCon returned triumphantly in 2023. The event was held at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas. It lasted from August 10 to August 13. Despite the name, the convention covers a lot of video games. Quake helped start it all, but the conference focuses on other titles as well. Plus, guests can take part in the show’s “bring your own computer” LAN party. It offers around-the-clock gaming. There are many other great features to enjoy as well.

A lot of the features are streamed live on Twitch so people around the world can enjoy them as well. Attendance is limited so it is important to get a ticket as early as possible. Some of the most popular aspects of QuakeCon include Tabletop Village, Finals Party, and BYOC community events. More importantly, the conference will showcase upcoming PC games and console titles.


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