Unique Speech Writing Tips for College Students

Speech writing is one of the many skills you may need as a student in college. When it comes to writing a good speech, there are right ways and wrong ways to do it. Learning the best ways to do it can help to improve your confidence in both your writing and public speaking skills. Standing in front of an audience is not as intimidating when you know you have a good speech in your hands. 

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Speech writing starts with research

Knowing how to start a speech for students begins with doing some research about the topic. You should look for the most useful and interesting ideas that you know your audience will appreciate. The more passionate you are about the topic, the more engaging your speech is likely to be. Think about your audience and who will be listening to your speech while doing your research. It may help to listen to other speeches so you can learn more about how other great speakers present their thoughts to encourage audience engagement. 

Make an outline

Create an outline for your speech and write down all the main points you want to get across. When doing so, keep your audience, the purpose of the speech, and its length in mind. This can help you to get a strong message across to the audience where your ideas flow logically, and the points you make are clear. The purpose or intention of your speech will affect how you write it. So you will write an informative speech in a different way from a persuasive speech. 

Use speech writing services

As a student, you may have so much coursework and so many essays to write that you don’t have time to write a speech. You can make use of speech writing services from EduBirdie online. A speechwriter will help make every part of your speech worth listening to. You can ask for unlimited revisions if necessary. You will also find essay examples on the site, and you can get professional writers to write everything from term essays to quality research papers for you. 

Work on your opening sentence

With a unique opening sentence, you can make sure you grip the attention of an audience right away. Knowing how to start a speech in college gives you a distinct advantage. Many good speakers will start by telling a joke, so the audience laughs and becomes more receptive because their barriers come down. Your opening sentences should give listeners an immediate sense of what is to come and make them want to hear more. 

Check that your speech flows coherently

As a student trying to write a speech, you may not realize that it lacks coherence. You want to get across so many interesting ideas that you may switch from one to another without thinking about how they connect. The conclusion at the end of the speech does not sum up the ideas and leaves the audience feeling confused about the main idea you were trying to bring across.

Make sure your speech sounds natural

Speeches for students don’t have to sound too formal. The audience shouldn’t have to think too much about the language and words you use. Using simple words and the clear intonation is much better than mumbling and using long, complex sentences. Try to avoid using too much scientific jargon unless your speech is for a very specific scientific audience. You need to present your ideas in a simple way that holds attention. Using ambiguities and taking too many side tracks is often confusing for an audience. 

Read the speech aloud

The best way to make improvements to a speech is to practice reading it aloud. This makes it easier to pick up any mistakes. Going with it, you can pick up where sentences sound unnatural. You can start to work on your intonation and how you will emphasize certain words. The more you read your speech aloud, the easier it will be to remember, and you will have more confidence when presenting it. 

Edit and revise your speech

The last step is to make revisions and perfect your speech. Having family or friends run an eye over it can give you feedback that helps you to make improvements. AI tools in education can also help you to improve your speech writing. For example, there are tools that can generate conclusions for you from the ideas you use in the speech. 


In the professional world, your speech writing skills are important in a variety of job positions. There are also many other occasions in your life where you may have to give a speech, and your speech writing skills will come in handy. If you keep your audience in mind and can bring across your ideas in a logical yet engaging way, it’s a skill that has many advantages for you.


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