7 Fantastic Apps for College Application Essay Writing

Writing college essays might be a difficult undertaking. When pupils are under test pressure, college applications arrive and put even more strain on them. It feels like a hammer is beating on your head nonstop. Here are seven apps to help you get through unless you choose to employ the assistance of qualified thesis writers and assign the creation of your essay to a reputable paper writing service.

1. Dragon Dictation

You can create flawless writing from anywhere at any time with Dragon Dictation! In this method, you can speak whatever you want and the program will automatically write it down! The program also has remarkable speech-to-text conversion capabilities.

Who could have imagined how swiftly words would one day become text? Dragon Dictation acts as your personal assistant, completing all of your requests. Only a microphone and a strong internet connection are required for the app to operate at peak efficiency.

Initially only available on Apple devices, it is now easily accessible to Android users. You can purchase college application essays online if you feel like you need a more expedient solution. Find the greatest service for you by exploring the internet. You’ll save time and work this way.

2. Evernote

Making notes is a crucial component of producing quality articles. You won’t be able to generate high-quality academic work to gain admission to your dream college if you don’t take notes properly. But how does one make something complicated, like arranging the pertinent information in your notes, more straightforward?

The solution is simple. Instead of utilizing paper and sheets to write down your ideas as the baby boomers did, the software helps you gather all of your thoughts and arrange them neatly on a single platform. Install the Evernote app to significantly simplify your life.

Evernote is a robust digital note-keeping app that lets you write essays and share your notes with others. If you are using the normal edition, you can access your notes from two different devices. Users of the free version are given a monthly restriction for uploading and sorting notes. On Evernote, you may also save books and articles from the web.

Given their workload and desire to avoid mixing up notes at all costs, many students find the premium one to have greater access possibilities and are able to afford it.

3. Grammarly

When you introduce Grammarly, all of your writing issues will be over. Here is a list of things Grammarly will correct for you automatically!

  • Punctuation\sSpellings
  • Context
  • Passive voice
  • Sentence composition
  • Transitions\sVocabulary

You must upload your file to the website and wait for it to find all the faults; after this is done, it will start making suggestions on how to enhance the delivery and make the text more engaging.

All of this is available in the free edition, but you should choose the premium version if you want your paper to be accepted. You can use the suggestions to make all the adjustments thanks to the membership.

Additionally, you can modify the app’s suggested suggestion levels. These can be informal, academic, informed, or eventually business-related recommendations. The program, which is among the most popular essay writer applications available, will work wonders for you.

4. Scribd

Scribd is a fantastic resource to use if you need all-around essay assistance for college applications. It includes a wide range of strategies for assisting individuals in quickly enhancing and improving their writing abilities.

  • Magazines
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Books and Sheet 
  • Music 
  • Documents

They have whatever you can think of. You can now select a learning choice that you will truly appreciate rather than a boring one. Free online reading for 30 days is available on the app. You can locate anything in these books and audio, read it, and use the information as inspiration for your application essays. How perfect is this for honing your skills?

5. Writance.com 

It is reasonable to say that Writance.com does a terrific job for customers looking for online essay assistance. It permits professional dissertation writers to completely concentrate on their writings by keeping any distractions out of their workspace. Imagine writing in a quiet environment without interruptions or background noise.

You can edit and improve your writing in a variety of ways using the robust interface. The text can be organized however you desire. You don’t need to worry because it works with practically all gadgets! You can use the essay writing service Writance.com on any platform you are familiar with, whether it is a MAC, an Android, or a Windows computer, and produce an excellent paper.


All of these apps offer a straightforward user interface, making it quick and easy to move around and upload files. Having saved more time, you can then have your cake and eat it too! You should utilize these programs efficiently rather than expending more of your effort and time in alternative ways.


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