6 Best AI Paraphrasing Tools in 2023

There are a lot of paraphrasing tools available nowadays. Given how commonly they’re used, it’s handy to have a lot of options to pick from.

If you’re looking to pick and use a paraphrasing tool for your writing needs, you can start by looking at the options enumerated below. We’ll look at five different AI-based paraphrasing tools and the quality of their results. We will also discuss their feature, pros, and cons as well as their pricing particulars.

With all these details, you will be able to make your pick easily and get started with a tool that works well for you.

1. Paraphraser

Paraphraser.io comes at the top of our list due to three simple reasons: it’s free to start, it provides smart results and its interface is not encumbered with the usual deluge of annoying ads ubiquitous in most free online tools.

In order to give you a clear and accurate idea of how well this tool works, we tried it out a couple of times on different texts.

One thing to note about Paraphraser.io is that it comes with four different modes. All the modes provide different results. In the coming demonstration, we will use different modes in order to cover the functionality of this tool as much as we can.

  1. Quality of Results: The Demonstration

One of the biggest issues that paraphrasing tools can face is context preservation. In a piece of tricky text, average-quality paraphrasing tools can get confused, thus ending up making nonsensical changes.

Keeping the above in mind, here is the text that we decided to run through Paraphraser.io. We made it a little contextually challenging in order to demonstrate how well the AI of this tool works. (This input is going to be a little short. We’ll do a larger test after this one.)

Input text: “Concomitant to sagacity is morality, often borne in men of religiosity. Far from being a linguistical anomaly, the veracity of this statement is manifest as clear as its brevity.”

Here is the output that Paraphraser.io gave out (using the Smart mode):

Output text: Prudence involves morality, often practiced by religious people. Far from being a linguistic anomaly, the truth of this statement is as clear as its brevity.

In the results, you can see how the tool understood the words “concomitant to sagacity” and changed them to “prudence involves…”

Apart from being an accurate paraphrase, one remarkable aspect of the output is the improved readability. The words “concomitant to sagacity” are, while sophisticated, needlessly convoluted. On the other hand, the words “prudence involves” are much simpler and better to read.

In the same way, the tool also changed the overly wordy phrase “men of religiosity” to “religious people”.

The above test didn’t involve a lot of text. Let’s run the process another time using some more words. Here is the text that we will be using this time.

“Idly sifting the autumn leaves through his fingers, the hunter followed the buck with his gaze as it grazed on the grass. As the hunter shifted his weight, a twig snapped, sending a loud crack through the air. The buck plucked his ears back, his dark eyes fixed on the hunter. The hunter pursed his lips as the buck pranced away into the dark forest.”

Although the changes were a little different this time, the context still remained largely unchanged.

Gleaning from the above results, we can say that Paraphraser.io provides smart outputs, given that you use the right modes. The Fluency mode is fine for basic use, but it is not very mind-blowing like the Smarter and Creative modes. The Standard mode, on the other hand, is good only for some raw synonym changing.

  1. Features, Pros, and Cons

Now that we’re done looking at the results, let’s move on to the features provided by this tool. We’ll then enumerate some pros and cons so that you can get a good idea about the overall standing of this tool.


  • Comes with a total of four modes (Standard, Fluency, Creative, and Smarter)
  • Has an input limit of 600 words for free users and 1,500 words for paid users
  • Supports 22 different languages
  • Supports file uploads
  • Useful post-processing options such as copying, erasing, and downloading the output
  • Synonym suggestions by clicking on the highlighted words in the output
Easy to accessAds around the interface
Large word limit for free users
Diverse outputs
Customizable results
Intelligent paraphrases
  1. Pricing

2. Rephrase

The second tool on our list is Rephrase.info. Although we will go through this tool the same way that we did above, the brief reason for mentioning it here in the second spot is the annoying ads around the interface.

As far as the functionality and accuracy of this tool go, it is on par with Paraphraser.io. Like Paraprhaser.io, Rephrase.info offers multiple modes, each of which is designed to provide a specific type of results.

Moving on, let’s do some test runs with this tool in order to demonstrate how accurate and reliable its results are. Since there are five different modes on this tool, we won’t be able to try them all out. Rather, we’ll stick to just a couple of them.

  1. Quality of Results: The Demonstration

Like the one above, we will first use a short piece of text for the demonstration and then move on to some larger content.

The benefit of dividing the demo like this is that you’ll be able to get an idea of how well the tool performs in different situations. For example, if we just run a couple of lines through the tool, it won’t exactly be a good way to judge the overall quality.

For the first demo, here is the text that we will be using:

Input Text: “Arcane terminology is not moronic drivel, contrary to what the contention of the laity implies.”

Frankly speaking, and without being biased, the results that Rephrase.info provided for this input are baffling.

Output Text: “Ambiguous terms are not as absurd as the average person would make them out to be.”

The output looks nothing like the input we provided. Other than the meaning, virtually everything else has been changed, and that is the epitome of good paraphrasing: preserving the meaning with maximum textual changes.

But we have to stay fair. We did use the ‘Smart’ mode for this one, and it is pretty much the best out of the five. If we paraphrase this same text using the ‘Standard’ mode, here are what the results look like:

As you can see, in this output, the changes are not that extensive and the synonyms used are also not very on point.

While we’re mentioning this point to stay critical, it really doesn’t matter, in our opinion, what one of the less powerful modes of this tool does. Our concern is with what it can do at its peak (i.e., the Smart mode). And as far as that goes, the results were pretty good.

Now, let’s move on to another test to see how well this tool works on a larger piece of content. Here is the text that we will be using this time:

The concatenation of too many terms in the paper could birth ambiguity, which could be detrimental to its overall quality. Enigma in content, especially that of academic nature, can lead the reader to have ambivalent impressions about it. Indecisiveness is seldom a positive aspect, and when it comes to rating a paper, it is hardly something to be sanguine about.”

It took time to come up with this twaddle. But the tool did impress us yet again. Here are what the results look like:

Other than the error/discrepancy in the last sentence, the rest of the output is along the same lines as the input. The good thing about the output is that the changes are not merely confined to synonym switching. Rather, the whole sentences are humanly rewritten.

  1. Features, Pros, and Cons

Like the quality of the results, the features of Rephrase.info are also quite similar to those of Paraphraser.io. Here they are:

  • Comes with five different paraphrasing modes (Fluency, Standard, Creative, Smart, and Formal)
  • File upload feature
  • Supports 22 different languages
  • Useful post-processing options (such as copying, clearing, and downloading)
  • Highlights changes for easy visualization
Easy to useAds around the interface
Suitable word limit for free uses
Smart results
Free to access
  1. Pricing

3. Quillbot 

The third tool is Quillbot, a paraphraser that’s making big waves in the industry. It’s capable of rewording and reworking everything from short sentences to large paragraphs, and the tool comes with a whopping 5 modes (plus expand and shorten).

We also want to note that Quillbot can paraphrase in 23 different languages! Speaking of languages, did you know that you can also use Quillbot to translate text, check your grammar, and analyze your content for plagiarism? It can even act as a co-writer, summarizer, and citation generator. With Quillbot, you basically get an all-in-one writing companion!

But we’re here to talk about the paraphraser. Let’s see how Quillbot stands up against our tests.

1. Quality of Results: The Demonstration

Quillbot has a function called “try sample text,” but it seems to generate the same text every time. Instead, we’ll use a sentence Quillbot may not be used to so we can see if it keeps the context. First, we’ll start with a small quote and see what we get.

Here’s what we put into Quillbot:

“A central theme in the history of dyslexia is the tension between the specificity of the disorder and its complex association with other forms of learning disability.” 

Image Source: Quillbot

Quillbot was more than capable of changing the entire sentence without throwing away the context. Not only that, but I could check the grammar and for plagiarism in the same tool. That’s important, as I can make sure I’m not unintentionally stealing another person’s work.

We also checked the fluency mode, and this is what Quillbot came up with:

Image Source: Quillbot

Whereas standard mode works to change the text and keep its meaning, fluency mode improves language and fixes grammar errors. You can see that there’s a lot less orange (changed words) and one instance of blue (longest unchanged words), but that makes sense, considering the original text was already grammatically sound. 

For testing the large paragraph, we’re going to use the same text from Rephrase:

Image Source: Quillbot

Interestingly, Quillbot produced a different outcome than Rephrase. We feel that Quillbot did a better job at keeping the context and reducing the number of complex words.

2. Features, Pros, and Cons

Quillbots features are similar to the other paraphrasers on this list, but no other tool can compete with the variety it can bring. Here are the tool’s most important features:

  • Free to use up to 125 words per use
  • 5 modes for paraphrasing text
  • Can shorten or expand text prompts
  • Editor notes for changing words or sentences
  • Supports uploads and easy downloads
  • Multiple languages (22) and other tools available
Free to start (no sign-up required)One-word freezing limit for the free plan
Easy to use
Includes other tools
Multiple modes
Multiple languages supported

3. Pricing

Image Source: Quillbot

Final Comparison (we need to add Quillbot)

Number of modes555544
Quality of results5/55/55/55/54/54/5
Input limit for free users600500125Limited daily queries for free users1,0002,500

4. Wordtune

Coming up third on our list is Wordtune. Wordtune is a popular name when it comes to paraphrasers because of its distinct style of working. It doesn’t work like normal paraphrasers (such as the two discussed above). Rather, it paraphrases the content line by line. For each line, it provides a lot of different outputs.

Sadly enough, the distinct feature of this tool is also the reason that we’re mentioning it here in the third spot. Since this tool works on a line-by-line basis, it cannot collectively paraphrase a lot of content at once.

We don’t want to paint this tool a bad picture right from the bat. Let’s take a look at the quality of its paraphrasing to find out how well it works.

  1. Quality of Results: The Demonstration

We can’t text this tool out the same way as we did the ones above since Wordtune only processes the input sentence by sentence. So, instead of entering a small piece of text and then entering a larger one, we will just do one round and then analyze the results.

Here is the input that we will be trying out with Wordtune:

Contumacy compounds ignorance when both of them are found in a man of low intellect.”

This input hardly makes sense, which makes it all the better for trying out the comprehending ability of a tool like Wordtune.

As we said above, Wordtune provides more than one result when the process is started. When we entered the above sentence in the tool, here are the results that we got:

Among the different rewrites that we got, this one was particularly impressive:

Adding contumacy to ignorance in a man of low intelligence is a recipe for disaster.

Although this particular rewrite was not exactly a bland statement as the input, it still is a good output that shows how far the tool goes to understand the entered text.

  1. Features, Pros, and Cons

The demonstration section with this tool was a little short, but there isn’t much scope for diversity considering that it works sentence by sentence.

Now, let’s move on to look at its features, pros, and cons. Here are the features:

  • Free to access (with limited rewrites per day)
  • Different modes for paraphrasing
  • Option to shorten or expand the text
  • Editor Notes for finding and removing imperfections
  • Comes with formatting options in the online editor version
  • Also available as a Chrome extension
Easy to useLimited rewrites for free users
Intelligent rewritesWorks sentence by sentence
Multiple modes
Free to start
  1. Pricing

5. Editpad

Moving on with our list, we have the paraphrasing tool by Editpad.org.

Unlike the tools we’ve looked at so far on our list, the paraphrasing tool by Editpad.org has a little clunky and outdated interface. The developers have been…generous with the ads and the whole interface looks very unsightly with all of them floating around.

If it was not for the results that this tool provides, we wouldn’t have mentioned it here on this list. But luckily for itself, the paraphrasing tool is equipped with advanced algorithms, due to which it provides coherent and intelligent outputs.

It also provides multiple modes, much like Rephrase.info and Paraphraser.io

Let’s test this tool out the same way we did the ones above.

  1. Quality of the Results: The Demonstration

Like the other tools discussed above, the paraphrasing tool by Editpad also has multiple modes. We won’t actually test all of them, but we will try and get a couple of them.

To begin with, we will run a small sentence through this paraphraser to get an idea of how well it understands the provided input. For this purpose, we will be using the following sentence:

The opprobrium disgorged by the person was mere vitriol, with no head nor tail i.e., it was neither here nor there vis-à-vis the topic at hand.” 

Output: The opprobrium a person spat out was just venom without a head and a tail, ie. was neither here nor there in relation to the subject at hand.

As far as understanding the context goes, this tool performed well. The changes it made are all in line with the actual context and there aren’t any discrepancies.

But we did find one thing a little disappointing. The word “opprobrium” is a little difficult, but the tool did nothing to improve it. Had we entered this same sentence in any of the other tools above, we’re confident that they would have changed it.

Moving on, let’s put a larger paragraph in the tool to see how well it changes it. Here is the paragraph that we will be trying out:

“Deviating from his regimen, the person decided to take five pills instead of the prescribed two. The next evening found him lolling around his chair, his head drooped to one side. It later transpired that he had eaten 20 pieces of candy instead of the pills, and it was pure felicity that made him loll about.” 

The output is a bit long so we won’t paste it here, but you can see what it looks like in the image above.

We used the “Smarter” mode for this test, and the results were not as good compared to the other tools we used above. There wasn’t any nonsense in there, but some of the words were not properly replaced.

  1. Features, Pros, and Cons

Now that we’re done with checking the results, let’s take a look at the features, pros, and cons of the paraphrasing tool by Editpad.

Here are the features that you can enjoy with this tool:

  • Four different paraphrasing modes (Smooth, Formal, Smart, and Improver)
  • 1,000 words allowed for free users
  • Intelligent results
  • Useful post-processing options
  • Option to upload files
User-friendly interfaceAnnoying captcha
Smart resultsAnnoying ads
Multiple modes availableOld-fashioned interface
Can be used for free indefinitely
Multiple languages supported
  1. Pricing

6. Paraphrase Online

Although we’re mentioning Paraphraseonline.io at the end of this list, it’s actually one of our personal favorites. The blue and white layout with the no ads interface looks great, and the animated backdrop gives the tool some nice aesthetics that aren’t as easily found in other online tools.

Like the others, Paraphraseonline.io is free to access and it can be used indefinitely without any sort of subscription. It also provides smart results and provides an overall excellent user experience.

One of the most remarkable features that Paraphraseonline.io offers is its large input limit. You can enter 2,500 words in the tool in a single go. Considering the input limits given by the other tools, 2,500 words is quite generous.

Moving on, let’s take a look at how well this tool performs when it comes to actually paraphrasing content.

  1. Quality of Results: The Demonstration

Since this tool doesn’t work like Wordtune and it has multiple modes, we will be running two different pieces of text in order to test it.

This is the first sentence that we will be using:

“Contrary to felicity is grievance, which manifests itself on the occasions when grievance is deemed natural.”

As you can see in the image above, the output is true to the actual context and there aren’t any nonsensical words in there.

One remarkable aspect of the results provided by this tool is that the structure of the first clause is changed entirely. This reflects the ability of the tool to make extensive changes to the content without losing touch with the context.

Moving on, let’s look at how well this tool works with large pieces of text. We did bash Editpad on the quality of its results, so to back that up, let’s take the same content that we used for it and put it into Paraphraseonline.io.

Comparing the results with the ones provided by Editpad, Paraphraseonline.io did a far better job.

  1. Features, Pros, and Cons

Here are some of the features that you can enjoy with Paraphraseonline.io:

  • Four different modes are available
  • Multiple languages available
  • File uploads supported
  • Copy and download button available
  • Free to use
  • No need for registering
Easy-to-use interfaceNil
Smart outputs
Multiple modes available
No paid packages
Multiple languages supported
  1. Pricing

No pricing plans for this one. Paraphraseonline.io is completely free to use.

Final Comparison

Before we wrap up this post, here is a table that outlines the main features of the above-mentioned tools. By looking at this table, you will be able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each tool, which will hopefully help you make a better selection as per your need and requirement.

Number of modes55544
Quality of results5/55/55/54/54/5
Input limit for free users600500Limited daily queries for free users1,0002,500


So, there you have it.

There are a lot of paraphrasing tools that you can use in 2023, but there are only a few that are actually worth using. Hopefully, after reading the above, you have a good idea about which one you should use according to your particular need and requirement.


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