Best Ways to Make Your Google Chrome Faster

Back in the day, Google Chrome was a lightweight and mean browsing machine that will load everything instantly. However, after a couple of years and countless updates, they’ve made this browser heavier and more complex.

This means that Google Chrome uses more of your PC’s resources, and sometimes the process gets slower.

In today’s article, we will go through some of the best ways to make your Google Chrome faster. There is no need to change between browsers, as these tips can help you bring your Chrome back to life.

1. Clean up Apps and Extensions

Currently, Chrome is basically its own platform, which enables you to install additional apps and extensions that run within.

There are many useful apps and extensions that can improve your overall browsing experience, but you have to understand that every single one of those apps and add-ons requires more resources in order to operate.

So, the more extensions and add-ons you have installed, the more bogged down and slowed your Chrome will operate. Additionally, most Chrome apps require access to some of your browsing activity. This means that over time you must check your list of installed extensions and remove everything you don’t use.

2. Examine The Apps You Decide to Keep

If you choose to hold on to some of the extensions, you should look closely at what sort of access they’re claiming. Some apps might need too much information from you, so you are better off removing them.

If you see an app listed as having access “on all sites,” it usually means that it can see and sometimes even modify what’s in your browser at all times. This is a potential danger for your privacy, and it slows down your browsing experience.

3. Avoid Opening too Many Tabs at Once

Some of us are more disorganized than others. If you are that person that keeps millions of tabs open, you should know that that action significantly slows down your browser performance. Try to improve your tab management. The best option is to develop a habit of closing all the tabs that you don’t use, but if that’s not the answer, you can download an extension that will manage them for you.

4. Allow Chrome to Preload Pages for You

The most frustrating thing when it comes to browser performance is waiting for a page to load. Can you imagine trying to load BetAmerica Extra MMA odds and it taking ages?

However, Chrome found a solution to this problem.

The solution is more like a cover-up, but at least it will take some of the pain away. The preload system works by looking at every link within a page that you’re viewing.

Google is using a magic algorithm to predict which link you are likely to click on, and it preloads the page before you actually click the link.

5. Clean Up Your Computer

Obviously, Chrome takes a significant part of your computer performance. This means that freeing up space on your computer might give your Chrome a better chance for improving its performance. If you haven’t cleaned up your computer for a long time, it is time to do that.

6. Start Fresh

Since Chrome is storing up cache data from websites, extensions and might get infected by malware, it is time to start fresh. You can uninstall Chrome from your PC and install it again.

That way, you’ll have a clean, fresh start with basic Chrome without anything to weigh it down.

Final Words

These are some of the ways you can improve your Google Chrome performance. Since browsers are becoming more complicated, sometimes your PC’s hardware performance can be an issue.

If you have outdated components, you cannot expect to run as smoothly as a couple of years ago.


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