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Essay writing is a skill that every student requires to pass any academic course. Unfortunately, not everyone has the skills to create the best essay. Also, writing an essay is a complicated and time-consuming process. The whole process consists of stages, and if you miss even one, it will look vague and disappoint readers.

Another common problem many writers face is plagiarism. Yes, plagiarism is a serious misdemeanor. You can fail an assignment, your application for admission will be rejected, or worse, you can be expelled from college/university. Well, you would never want that to happen.

Luckily there are plenty of online essay writing services and apps to simplify essay writing. Now there are artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that are made to help you create quality essays on a variety of topics.

The best tools for writing essays

Essay App Essayshark

Essayshark is an essay app that provides free online writing tools to make students’ lives easier. With features such as a content generator, citation machine, grammar checker, and plagiarism checker, you’ll have a well-crafted essay at your disposal. Essayshark has sample essays by topic that you can browse for inspiration and formatting styles. Once there, you are sure to come away with either a document or an idea.

Essayshark also includes useful features such as a free essay title generator to match your essay.

Essayshark has everything a student needs to get the perfect essay in one place. There are so many tools to explore that once you sign up, you can be sure you’re off on a super exciting writing adventure.


Smodin has created several online tools to help students and academic writers improve their essay writing. The tools include a plagiarism checker, a citation generator, a text rewriting tool, an online editor, a speech-to-text tool, real-time subtitle translation, and multilingual grammar correction. These tools use deep search and machine learning technology and support over 50 languages.

The team has done its best to give you the right tools to improve the quality of your content (including grammar, formatting, and style). Smodin is your backup writer and editor for free and any content generator in any language. It’s excellent assistance regarding social media posts, emails, and other types of content.


Jasper is another best artificial intelligence-based essay writing tool that helps you create unique essays in minutes. The AI just needs one starting sentence from you to keep writing. In addition, the essay writer’s help has two opportunities. In the first case, you can start from scratch, and the content will be more tailored to the type of content required. Second, Jasper follows the current workflow by importing written text, such as a blog post. The essay writing bot can read 600 characters of text to set the context and build paragraphs.

Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid is a cloud-based essay writing program that helps you quickly find weak points, remove mistakes, and analyze your punctuation and grammar usage. The tool also has free and paid versions, but you can only run 500-word reports in the free version. In addition, the tool does not save your text because it meets the highest privacy standards and is GDPR compliant.

Paper Type

Not sure how to start an essay – stuck in the middle of the research process? Want to make sure your essay is free of grammatical errors and plagiarism? Try Paper Typer. This free AI-powered essay writing app will help you quickly find information on your topic, write flawless essays, get a structured and up-to-date draft, find and correct all grammar and punctuation errors, and detect plagiarism. In addition, Paper Typer creates the right formatting for your essay and suggests headings and subheadings to write the best essay possible.

Content Bot

Another of the best tools is the Content Bot. It helps you create content from short ideas, such as promotional texts, to long blog posts and essays. This essay writing bot has two AI engine options. TinySeed helps you produce a lot of output, but it’s a little slow. The essay writing tool allows you to create content in 30 seconds when you paste a few lines into the input box. All content created is unique and plagiarism-free. If your study foreign languages and have to write an essay, Content Bot can assist you. It supports all the languages Google Translate does.

Essay AI Lab

Essay AI Lab is a free essay writing program to enhance your writing and grammar and eliminate plagiarism. The tool just requires a topic and a couple of sentences to start working. In addition, this free AI essay writer has an unlimited search database, gives you automatic writing suggestions, generates MLA and APA citations, checks for plagiarism, identifies all grammatical errors, and enjoys unlimited essay help and downloads. Your information is 100% confidential with Essay AI Lab.


Wordtune is a free online essay writing program that helps improve your academic work with professional writing. This essay writing tool is powered by artificial intelligence and helps you rewrite sentences and paragraphs up to 280 characters long. This tool has various features, such as random mode, which makes your sentences informal, and formal mode, to make your text sound professional. Shortening mode shortens your sentences while expanding mode helps you express your thoughts without making them feel unnecessary. Paraphrasing mode suggests the best words to write your sentences.


Coming up with ideas, finding relevant information, and writing essays are time-consuming. With Articoolo, it’s easy. It’s one of the best AI-powered essay writing tools that instantly help you create unique essays. Articoolo uses artificial intelligence technology and natural language processing (NLP) to ensure readability. You insert two to five words, and the tool produces an exceptional essay for you with about 500 words. The tool also helps you summarize essays, generate headings, and rewrite the existing text in minutes.

Many platforms provide writing tools and services at different levels. Each of these platforms can provide something unique. However, the ones mentioned above are the best for several reasons. These platforms are very credible and allow lightening the educational or professional load.


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