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10 Math Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Say goodbye to your problems! In this list of math learning apps, you’ll find the best alternatives to download today. If you have always had trouble with numbers, keep reading this article to the end. 

Math is part of our daily lives and we can’t ignore it, on the contrary, learning more about it will be useful for both academic and professional purposes. To help you along the way, math study apps come to the rescue.  

While other students are looking for writing papers for money, you can tackle your homework with the math apps. Let’s get started! 

10 Math learning apps that will improve your counting skills

1. Photomath

First on our list of math learning apps is Photomath, the perfect app to reinforce your knowledge of basic math, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics.

This math app is available in 30 languages and is very easy to use. All you have to do is scan with a compatible device the problems you want to solve. These can be printed or handwritten texts.

When you scan them, the app will give you the result of each exercise as well as a detailed step-by-step breakdown of each operation. The purpose of this math app is to help you better understand the discipline through practice and repetition. 

On the other hand, Photomath has a scientific calculator option that allows you to write or edit specific problems and see several solution models for each exercise. It also has interactive graphics to enhance your experience with the app.

2. iMathematics

The second math app on our list is presented as a personalized tutor, with over 70 topics designed in a simple and straightforward explanation scheme to help you understand them faster. In addition, this number problem app also allows you to add personal notes to use as reminders. 

Another of iMathematics’ most relevant features is that it offers several interactive calculators for some of its courses. What’s more, this math app gives you the ability to save the exercises you want, so you can review them whenever you see fit. 

Finally, we must emphasize that the iMathematics app has a Pro version with which you can access more topics and get materials such as interactive multiple-choice tests, graphing calculator, systems solver, etc. to keep improving your learning.

In addition to these specialized tools, it’s crucial to explore various educational platforms that cater to a broader range of learning needs. For those interested in expanding their knowledge beyond traditional subjects, taking the time to learn about different courses and resources available online can be incredibly beneficial. These platforms offer courses in financial math, business skills, and much more, which are essential for anyone looking to enhance their academic and professional capabilities.

3. GeoGebra

Learning math has never been easier than with GeoGebra, one of the most popular math apps. First of all, this app is one of the most advanced on the list because it includes dynamic resources and tools for data analysis and statistics. 

Second, this math app has a suite of calculators that perform different functions depending on the type of subject matter. Among them are “Graphing,” which allows you to solve equations of all kinds; and 3D, which allows you to project various three-dimensional shapes, as its name implies. 

Finally, this math app has options for exam calculators and algebraic calculation systems. 

4. Mathway

Mathway is another one of the most popular apps for learning math, as it helps you understand how to solve different types of number problems. Moreover, just like the apps mentioned above, this app allows you to do all the necessary calculations online.

To get the answers to the problems you have in front of you, you just need to write an outline or take a picture of the problems and upload them to the platform. Once this math app generates a solution, it allows you to visualize each step of the solution so you can view the process. 

But what subjects can we learn in Mathway? Among the areas or subjects in which this app allows us to do the math, we find the following: 

  • Basic math
  • Finite math
  • Preliminary algebra
  • Algebra
  • Linear algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Precalculus
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Chemistry 
  • Graphical representations

Finally, it’s important to note that this math app requires a monthly fee to access the more advanced exercises because they work through a large database.

5. My Script Calculator 2

Are you looking for apps for learning math with your tablet? If so, My Script Calculator 2 is one of the best. One of the features most appreciated by users is the ability to draw operations right on the screen. The app’s recognition system then interprets your strokes to offer you the perfect solution.

Another of its main attributes is the scratch gesture tool, which makes it easy to remove symbols and numbers. Most importantly, the results produced by this math app can be copied and exported to other platforms to share with anyone. 

We’re sure that My Script Calculator 2 will be the ally you need to get your homework done.

6. Graphing Calculator + Math

The sixth place on our list of the best apps for math is Graphing Calculator + Math. This app will be very useful if you want to learn quickly and easily. 

For example, the app includes several types of calculators in its toolbox: scientific, graphing, fractions, algebraic, and matrix calculators. The choice and use of each will depend on the course and level to which each exercise belongs. 

The functions performed by the types of calculators contained in this math application meet different needs and types of problems. In addition, some of them have common options, such as saving graphs or tables created on the calculator. This will allow you to review the material whenever you deem it necessary. 

Finally, like other applications for solving math problems, Graphing Calculator + Math has a free version and a PRO version. The latter allows you to define functions and constants to solve more complex problems. 

7. Formulas Free

Another app for solving math problems is Formulas Free. This is a great option for solving numerical problems from your tablet or smartphone. The app is available in more than 15 languages, but it is only available for Android.

As for its benefits, this math app will allow you to solve exercises in trigonometry, geometry, algebra, analytics, derivatives, and integrals. It also has tools for calculating geometric figures and finding the roots of equations.

On the other hand, Formulas Free has a search function to quickly get the formula you need. Moreover, this math app has a “Frequently Used” section where you can save formulas that you always use. 

Definitely, this math app is great for high school students, college students, and professionals who want to continue expanding and strengthening their knowledge.

8. Cymath

Do you have math homework but don’t know how to solve it? We have the solution! Cymath is a number problem solver app that allows you to watch each exercise step-by-step so you can practice it whenever you want.

The app also has a problem solver for algebra and calculus courses that will serve as a tutorial. Some of the topics you can learn in this math app are factorization, logarithms, quadratic equations, dividing polynomials, integrating by parts, rationalizing substitution, and more.

9. Integral Step-by-Step Calc

Integral Step-by-Step Calc is one of the most sophisticated and advanced applications for solving mathematical problems. 

This math app is available on the Google Play store and can be used as a calculator without the need for an internet connection. For more advanced exercises, however, you need a connection. 

On the other hand, the tools included in Step-by-step are focused on solving uncertain and definite integrals. That’s why we consider this one of the most comprehensive options if you want to do numbers from your device, so it couldn’t help but make our list of the best apps for math.

10. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha continues our list of the best apps for learning math problems. This app is ideal for engineering and other students who are looking for a convenient alternative that allows for constant practice in solving numerical problems.

Wolfram Alpha uses an extensive collection of algorithms and data to calculate answers to various problems and generates reports for its users. 

Finally, with this math problem solver application, you’ll have access to a library of information on topics in math, statistics and data analysis, physics, chemistry, engineering, and more for more sophisticated problem-solving.


We’re glad you made it to the end of this article. We are sure that this list of the best apps for learning math will be of great help to you in your studies or work. 

Remember, if you are planning to start a business, it is important for you to learn more about financial math, as it is key to ensuring the success of your company. Later on, you will be able to use tools like Excel to improve your data management skills.


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