Shadowflame Shalewing Mount — How to Get It 

Wow players farm mounts for different reasons — from practical purposes to a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction. Want to increase your in-game movement speed and travel across Azeroth faster than on foot? Are you collecting designs or want to have a mount that matches your role-playing concept or character’s theme? Regardless of the case, Dragonflight has a lot to offer. And in this article, we will discuss how to get the Shadowflame Shalewing mount. We will shed some light on the required achievements and share some tips to make the farming process easier. So keep reading to know how to obtain this precious mount yourself or entrust this important mission to seasoned veterans. Get Aberrus the shadowed crucible boost from pro gamers to do Shadowflame Shalewing Mount farming for you.

What Is Shadowflame Shalewing Mount?

Shadowflame Shalewing is a unique sporebat model mount that was introduced in Dragonflight Patch 10.1. Its carapace was formed from molten blobs that cooled to produce dark-colored volcanic rock. Being infused by Shadowflame magics, the item has only solidified its unbreakable nature. It is a flying mount that is awarded to players who fulfill all of the Glory of the Aberrus Raider milestones. There are a total of nine achievements that must be completed. Here is the key information about every achievement and key tips to follow in order to obtain it.

#1 — Cosplate

Progress through the raid until you reach the first boss, Kazzara, the Hellforged. Get the Infernal Steel Plating buff by standing in the green circle on the ground next to the boss. Break your own hell steel casing by standing in the red circle on the ground next to the boss. Defeat Kazzara, the Hellbound while under the Broken Hellsteel Plating debuff. Congratulations! You have received the Cosplate achievement.

#2 — Tabula Rasa

Raiders must destroy The Forgotten Experiments after Nutraal is attacked three times by  Volatile Spew, Rending Charge, and Deep Breath to obtain Tabula Rasa.

#3 — Whac-A-Swog

To get the Whac-A-Swog achievement in Aberrus, you need to defeat Rashok, the Elder after hitting the Lost Lunker, which is a small fish swimming in a pool of water. Use the Searing Slam ability on the Lost Lunker five times. This ability causes fire damage to all opponents in front of the caster in a frontal cone attack.

#4 — Escar-Go-Go-Go

In order to obtain the Escar-Go-Go-Go achievement, you need to finish off Magmorax after feeding him twenty Spicy Lava Snails. You can find Spicy Lava Snails, which are located in various places throughout the raid.

#5 — We’ll Never See That Again, Surely

To get this achievement, you need to beat Scalecommander Sarkareth after nurturing a Lump of Flesh and tossing it into the Emptiness Between Stars.

#6 — I’ll Make My Own Shadowflame

If you aim to get the I’ll Make My Own Shadowflame achievement, be ready to defeat the Shadowflame Amalgamation after applying Fiery Meteor, Umbral Detonation, and Blistering Twilight on a Shadowflame Remnant.

#7 — Are You Even Trying?

To get the Are You Even Trying? achievement in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible in World of Warcraft, you need to defeat the Assault of the Zaqali after knocking down Zaqali Oppressor, Zaqali Ravager, and Zaqali Stormcaller with a Cave Pebble on Normal or higher difficulty . 

#8 — Eggscellent Eggsecution

You must defeat Zskarn while a raid member is carrying the Delicate Experimental Egg. It is on the table outside the boss area. If you pick it up, you will immediately begin rushing ahead and will not be able to stop. The goal of the accomplishment is to avoid dropping the egg during the combat. When the boss uses his knockback skill, the egg will leave the player holding it at the moment, soar into the air, and leave a red circle marking its landing site. 

Someone else must catch it before it falls to the ground. This continues indefinitely until the boss falls. Gamers holding the egg must avoid taking any damage since taking damage will send the egg flying. And whoever had the egg will have a debuff that prevents them from recapturing the egg for a period of time. It might get tough at the finish when there isn’t much floor remaining. 

#9 — Objects in Transit May Shatter

To obtain this achievement, destroy Echo of Neltharion after four players crash through Twisted Earth barriers while carrying the Stack of Scrolls, the Expired Experiment, the Neverburning Ebon Candle, and the “Portable” Ebon Anvil. The objects must be picked up by players who obtain Rushing Darkness and are knocked against a wall as one is holding an object. 

Complete Your Mount Collection 

The Shadowflame Shalewing mount is known to be the meta-achievement reward obtained for the Aberrus raid in Zaralek Cavern. It has a unique design that sets it apart from other mounts in the game, with its fiery red color and shalewing appearance. The item is bind-on-pickup and can be used to teach players how to summon it, allowing them to ride it in the game. It is a special reward that players can obtain by completing all of the raid’s achievements, making it a highly sought-after item. So if you want to showcase your personality and achievements in the game, then the Shadowflame Shalewing mount is worth farming.


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