How Do Inventory Saving Items Work in OSRS

Boost your gameplay by using inventory-saving items in Old School RuneScape.

In Old School RuneScape, efficient inventory management is paramount due to the limited 28 slots available to you. Saving inventory space is crucial for optimizing various in-game activities, whether PvM, skilling, or questing. When embarking on long combat trips or Slayer tasks, every additional slot can mean extra food or potions, extending the player’s stay and maximizing experience rates or profit. Effective inventory management is intertwined with your overall efficiency and success in OSRS.

These space-saving tools, such as the Rune Pouch, Herb Sack, and Seed Box, become quintessential for maximizing efficiency. For instance, in PvM encounters, an extra inventory slot could mean carrying an additional prayer potion or food item, potentially tipping the balance between success and defeat. For skillers and gatherers, having more space translates directly to prolonged skilling sessions and fewer trips to the bank, resulting in optimal experience rates and more OSRS GP. Ultimately, inventory-saving items in OSRS are pivotal for players looking to streamline their experiences and elevate their gameplay to higher levels of efficiency.

Rune Pouch

The Rune Pouch is an invaluable tool for spellcasters and those often using magic. With the ability to hold up to three different types of runes, it compresses their inventory footprint, allowing players to carry more runes with fewer slots. This optimization becomes especially crucial during combat, where saving space for food and potions can make a significant difference while ensuring you have the necessary runes for your thralls or ice barrage. Moreover, the Rune Pouch is beneficial for activities that require frequent teleportation, as it can conveniently hold the necessary runes for various teleport spells.

Bolt Pouch

The Bolt Pouch, similar in concept to the Rune Pouch, caters to players using crossbows. It can store up to four crossbow bolts, making switching between different bolt types easier without overburdening the inventory. It’s particularly beneficial in combat scenarios where varying bolt effects might be required, for example, while facing Jad.

Essence Pouches

These pouches are vital for players training the Runecrafting skill, as they allow for the transport of additional essence to altars. There are five types: small, medium, large, giant, and colossal, each holding a different amount of essence. The larger the pouch, the more essence it can contain. However, they degrade over time and require repairing, usually by speaking to the Dark mage in the Abyss or via the contact NPC spell.

Herb Sack

A must-have if you’re training Slayer or do frequent farming herb runs, the Herb Sack can store up to 30 of each type of grimy herb. This storage capability dramatically reduces frequent bank trips during Slayer tasks, where multiple herbs are often dropped, such as aberrant spectres, leading to more efficient training and profit-making, so you’ll never have to check the OSRS gold price.

Gem Bag

The Gem Bag, available from the Motherlode Mine, is designed to hold uncut gems. It can store up to 60 of each type of uncut gem, up to Dragonstone. It’s ideal for activities like mining or Slayer, where gems are a frequent drop, but it represents a must-have if you’re opening the Taverley crystal chest.

Coal Bag

Tailored for miners and smiths, the Coal Bag can hold up to 27 pieces of coal. This bag becomes crucial when smelting ores like adamantite or runite that require multiple coal pieces, allowing for more bars to be smelted per furnace trip, and it’s also a nice top if you like mining coal.

Seed Box

The Seed Box is an indispensable tool for farmers and those training Slayer. It can store various seeds, significantly reducing the inventory clutter that often comes with farming or slaying monsters that drop multiple seed types, such as dagannoths or turoths.

Looting Bag

A special bag designed for the Wilderness, the Looting Bag can hold up to 28 non-stackable items. Though restricted to the Wilderness, it allows players to extend their trips, whether fighting bosses, player-killing, or resource-gathering in this dangerous area.

Tackle Box

The Tackle Box is tailored for training fishing and can store various fishing equipment. This box, from rods to bait, ensures that frequent fishers have all they need without the inventory clutter. You can get it as a unique from the fishing boss, Tempoross.

Situational Items

Even though all the items mentioned are suitable in specific situations, except for the rune pouch, which can be used for pretty much everything, some items are good in particular situations. For example, the Bone to Peaches spell transforms bones into food, proving invaluable during prolonged combat situations where inventory space is at a premium. Saradomin brews, while pricier than other food, can be good when you simply need more food to get the kill for specific bosses. The Ring of Endurance is another example. It helps you save space used for stamina potions by extending their effect, proving essential in activities requiring sustained run energy, like hunting Herbi.


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