Top Social Media Trends 2022

It seems to many that it is too late to write articles about the trends of the year in February, but now it is still difficult to find information on the topic of social media trends. There are many articles, but they all seem to be written for people of the level of Elon Musk, who already mentally live in 2050. Ordinary people would like something simpler and closer to reality. In this article, we have prepared just such a material.

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1. Different audiences in different social networks

Now there is no longer a single platform where you can find everyone: each platform divides the audience. This can be used by focusing on different segments of your audience in social networks. If there is no budget for separate maintenance, it is worth at least copying the content. In addition, we must not forget about the political risk, foreign social networks can block your content at any time, so it is better to have spare sites.

2. High level of competition for attention

The audience is no more, but the content is. In order to be followed and remembered, in 2022 it is imperative to stand out with something: the most beautiful, the most fun, useful or exciting. Determine which positioning suits your audience best and build SMM around it. Or maybe you just need traffic?

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3. Social media competition for content authors

People go where there are authors and content. And the authors go where they can gain an audience and earn money. Channel content makers are the best advertisement for the site, they also constantly bring in an audience from outside. All social networks began to understand this, so in 2021 they introduced donation subscription tools. Competition for authors will increase.

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4. Video content

This is said every year, but it is still a growing trend: the TikTok audience continues to grow, Instagram promotes Reels, YouTube leads in terms of user time on the site. If it is possible to add video to the content plan, add it. The main thing is that it should not be boring. Worse than no videos, only dull videos.

5. In-app purchases on social networks

Going to the site is still more convenient than buying on the social network. But the services do not want to give away traffic, which means they will continue to develop stores inside. They say that the volume of purchases built into the platforms is growing. Sooner or later, the pattern of behavior is likely to change. Maybe 2022 will be a step in that direction?


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