5 Reasons Why PDFs Are So Popular and How to Use Them Effectively

The modern human is surrounded by tons of digital information. A quick search on Google or your social media timeline will reveal that the internet is overflowing with videos, images, and other interactive content.

But despite all the digital developments, people still love PDFs so much that they are still one of the most widely-used file formats online. Whether you want to read a book on your gadget or send personal files to a friend via email, you can’t overlook this file format. 

Here are five reasons PDFs are still popular and how you can get the best out of these files.

Reasons Why PDFs are Still Popular

1. Versatile Compatibility

A crucial feature of any file format is its compatibility. You must ensure that the files you plan to use or share are compatible with any device and program on your gadgets. 

PDFs eliminate this worry since you can read them on virtually any device, from desktops to smartphones to tablets to e-readers. They are also compatible with several operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android. 

2. PDFs are Easy to Read and Navigate

PDFs have been designed to fit any screen size. You can easily change the font size of a PDF document or zoom it to your perfect view. Moreover, you’re not limited by a page’s layout, and you can seamlessly scroll up and down without experiencing glitches.

Another helpful feature is that, when reading a PDF file, your device will still remember where you left off even if you switch it off for days. It will also tell you the number of pages in your document, saving you the hustle and bustle of looking back and forth to see how far along you are. 

3. Offline Use

One of the biggest issues with other file formats is that you can’t open them offline. A PDF document, on the other hand, can be downloaded and opened on any device without an internet connection. 

Due to their offline feature, PDFs are a perfect format for business presentations and reports in areas with limited internet connection. They also make it convenient to share files with clients and coworkers who don’t have access to your cloud storage service.

4. PDFs are Easy to Create, Share, and Edit

Creating PDFs is never an uphill task. In fact, you can easily make and share these documents using printers and scanners linked to your computers. And if you want to convert your PDFs to other easy-to-edit formats like word, you can use an online PDF to word converter, such as PDF Simpli, in a split second. 

5. Security 

Security is another reason PDFs are so popular, especially for individuals with sensitive documents on their devices. 

Unlike other file formats that rarely offer protection, PDFs allow you to secure your files with passwords and add restrictions on editing or printing. You can also stop someone else from forging your files by adding a watermark to your PDF files

How to Use PDFs Effectively 

With all the benefits PDFs offer, you will probably have many of them on your devices, and it is possible to run out of space, especially if you have large files. Fortunately, you can compress them using PDF compressors to reduce their sizes and save on space. 

Besides compressing PDFs, another effective way to use these types of files is by adding an electronic signature without printing or needing immediate access to a printer. This is best achieved with the help of free or paid tools, which help you add signatures electronically, even in a professional capacity. 

Other functions PDF editing tools can help you achieve include merging PDF files, erasing existing texts, or even removing pages. 


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