9 Best Free Video Editor in 2021

A good video editing software helps you to showcase your products from every possible angle. It gives your product a professional promo for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., where you can share these videos like your brand videos. There are several easy-to-use free video editing programs that may help you stand out from others over the internet

Well-produced video products have a more engaging form of content marketing than just photographs alone and something authentic that automatically reduces a customer’s hesitation in making a purchase. In fact, eCommerce product video can increase conversion rates up to around 144 %. Therefore, making a well collected and enjoyable video can help you a lot of responses online.

There is a list of the best video editing software from all around the internet. Each entrepreneur has their own needs and requirements, so this list runs down some of the most valuable features of each online video editor.  

Best Free Video Editor:

  1. Camtasia
  2. Video Pad
  3. InVideo
  4. Adobe premiur pro
  5. iMovie
  7. Final cut pro
  8. Animotica
  9. HitFilm Express

There are many modern laptops or desktops-based editing software available for businesses looking to make something promotional as their brand videos. The most substantial advantage of free video editing software for laptops or desktops is that they tend to have more additional features than smartphone video editing applications.

Suppose you are someone looking to edit your promotional video on a simple and small budget. In that case, the applications below are just perfect for you as you can use them to edit long forms of content for social media platforms like YouTube or your eCommerce site.

1. Camtasia

Camtasia allows you to create engaging instructional content using powerful video content as well as other features. These include animated backgrounds, graphics, callouts, and clickable links within the videos created. Therefore, your end-user can easily be engaged by your finished product due to these features available in Camtasia Studio. Nevertheless, Camtasia is not free.

Top features:

  • Video Capture
  • Image Editor
  • Scrolling Capture
  • Text Extraction
  • Screen Record
  • File Sharing
  • Platform Search

2. Video Pad

Video Pad is a great free option for anyone who wants to make some high-quality videos without having to spend a dime on it. With the help of this video editing software, you will find all kinds of simple and easy-to-use features, for example – 3 D video editing and sound effects library to try various types of video compositions and styles.

You can use editing features like special effects, overlays, texts and transitions, color adjustments, and sound effects on your video to make it look more stunning and eye-catching. Then you can even export all your finished video directly to social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or directly to your Google Drive and other mobile devices quickly and easily.

Top Features:

  1. It has a built-in double screen for easy and intuitive editing.
  2. It has pre-made, customizable transitions for more polished professionalism
  3. Exporting presets to easily create video files for specific platforms a=is very easy in this software

3. InVideo

InVideo helps you change your video clips into a spectacular video. They have helped many media companies, small businesses, and brands and have extended their audience engagement with the help of video content.

The one thing that every user would love in the application is that they have at least 100 different categories of templates to choose from where every template is captivating and straightforward.

The templates also use an artificial intelligence (AI) engine. That works behind all the scenes to provide you all the visuals and music selections, so you do not have to spend time searching for it. It has an all the time open world-class support system, making it a very dependable application at any time needed.

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4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe premiere pro is the most popular video editor that can turn your computer into a full-featured device for creating multimedia files that include gaming videos. You can include this program on your list as it gives you high-quality results. It does not even have any limitations when it comes to importing your video in different formats. It has the following features included;

Social media share and publishing tools to share video online through the applications itself. It has an extensive library of video transitions and visual effects to customize videos. It also has video optimization tools like stabilization in it

But this video editor has a straightforward user interface and can be very simple for some advanced video editors. It even does not have as many advanced features as other free video editing software on this list, but it has features like light effects, fine-tune colors, and over texts and images; there’s enough here to make it worthy of your download.

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5. iMovie

The iMovie users also get optional templates to use. That means people can add their photos and videos with titles and music to their timeline together to create a stunning video.

Top features:

1. The biggest pro of iMovie is that it has some fantastic tools for free.

2. Many special effects are available, including slowing down or speeding up the video clip, picture-in-picture feature, and the green screen effect.

3. If a user does not want to add their music to the video, then the application offers more than 80 soundtracks to use, and it also has an option to use your voice as the soundtrack.

4. The users can also shift in between the mac devices to work on the projects.

With such excellent capabilities, many people can get motivated to give this software a crack.

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6. has all that one would need in a contemporary and top-quality video editor. It can help you in making high-quality professional videos with features like some royalty-free music, some customizable video templates, and much more. Promo is a specialized tool that helps you make your commercial, promotional videos.

Top Features:

1. It is effortless to use as it has a straightforward user interface

2. It also very supportive when it comes to customer services

3. You can manage up to 10 brands all in one account

You can practically use this application’s tool to make all types of videos, for example, horizontal videos, vertical videos, square videos, and even banner videos. There is absolutely no limit in to use your creativity and get what you want.

7. Final Cut Pro 

Many professionals use it now and then, and it allows you to combine your video editing tools with a media organization. It helps you to extend your capabilities by adding features like third-party workflow extensions.

If you are looking for an option that Adobe does not own, this software is your best option. With little work and patience, you could master the software without any problem whatsoever. The Final Cut Pro is very significant with Mac systems and is also compatible with iPads. The software is smooth even when you work with large media files.

It has many features like drag and drops, color correction, etc., which gives you high-level results. The user interface is simple and easy to use; it supports almost all kinds of video formats and audio formats.

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8. Animotica

This video editor and movie maker is straightforward to use and has a very user-friendly Video editor, Movie Maker, and Slideshow video maker interface. The software encompasses all the traditional tools and features that you would expect from top-quality video editing software.

This video editor and movie maker software has features like video trim, spilt, combining video and phones, adding music, and so much more. The software becomes an accessible replica of a professional video editing application like Adobe Premiere Pro.

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9. HitFilm Express

If you do not have a lot of experience with video editing, this application will make you a little advanced at first. This application is usually used to produce Hollywood-style films, but it’s worth the learning curve as it’s one of the best video editors available.

HitFilm includes animation tools that would let you create and edit audio-video transitions without the need to create composite shots, which is a huge time saver when it comes to editing.

Best Features:

1. It has professional-grade video editing with motion tracking, color pickers, and cropping tools.  

2. This video editor gives you composite shot enhancements that allow you to animate two separate shots together for surreal video effects.

3. It even has an auto stabilizer to make shaky footage look smooth

4. You will get different transition options like push, zoom and dissolves, etc from this awesome editor.

Ending Note

So, these are the top eight video editors that you must try in 2021. So, without wasting any more time, start trying them. Each option may come with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, with the help of this list, you will be able to find out the most useful features of each editor. According to that, pick one editor and start video editing to make them utterly impressive for the audiences. Happy video editing!


8 Best Facebook Video Downloader in 2021

Are you looking for the best Facebook video downloader? If yes then this article is especially for you because in this article I listed the 8 best Facebook video downloaders.

What is Facebook Video Downloader?

Facebook video downloader is an online website or application. By using a website/application, you can easily download any videos from Facebook. This type of website/application comes with many excellent features. So it’s an important subject to know all about this type of website/application.

Top 8 Facebook Video Downloader:

  2. GetfVid
  3. BitDownloader
  4. KeepVid
  5. ClipGrab
  7. iTube
  8. FB Downloader

Best Facebook Video Downloader

#1. is a free website that helps Facebook users download their favorite videos off Facebook and save them for offline viewing by generating direct links to the Facebook video.

Features of

  • Chrome Extension 
  • Support HD videos.
  • Multi-language Support.
  • Download video from Facebook.
  • Download private Facebook videos.
  • Download videos from the news feed.
  • Download videos from the groups and pages.


  • Website
  • Extension

#2. GetfVid

Getfvid is one of the best tools available online for downloading videos from Facebook. This tool helps convert videos from Facebook to mp4 (video) or mp3 (audio) files.

Features of GetfVid:

  • Download video in a single click
  • Convert video directly
  • Download video in any available format
  • Download private video
  • No subscription required
  • Extension available


  • Website
  • Extension

#3. BitDownloader

BitDownloader is a free downloader tool that allows you to download videos from many platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many other services. 

Features of BitDownloader:

  • Download video from multiple platforms
  • Download video in available format
  • Download Facebook page video
  • Download Facebook group video
  • No subscription required
  • Extension available


  • Website
  • Extension

#4. KeepVid

Keepvid is the place to download Facebook videos. Keepvid offers multiple formats and can convert your FB video to mp3. If you need a Facebook video downloader, then keepvid is one of the best solutions for you.

Features of KeepVid:

  • Instant downloading
  • Download any types of Facebook video
  • Convert Facebook video to mp3 
  • Download video in high quality
  • Know the size of the video


  • Website

#5. ClipGrab

ClipGrab is a multi-platform software package for downloading videos from various websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or Facebook.

Features of ClipGrab:

  • Built-in search tool
  • Supports lots of video sharing websites
  • Download Facebook video
  • Clipboard monitoring
  • Allows video to audio conversion


  • Windows app

#6. helps you to download Facebook video in mp4 or mp3 without leaving the website, you have to install “SaveFrom.Net Helper!”. It is a free browser extension that helps you to save preferred videos without the need to leave the website.

Features of

  • Download private Facebook video
  • Download live Facebook video
  • Download video in any available quality
  • Download video in mp4 or mp3


  • Website
  • Extension

#7. iTube

With iTube HD Video Downloader, you’re able to download videos or extract audio from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. You can download videos by pasting the URL or use the browser plugin (available for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox) to download full HD videos in the browser directly.

Features of iTube:

  • 10,000+ Video Sites Supported (including Facebook)
  • Download HD Video
  • Download YouTube to MP3
  • Download Audio Only
  • Batch Download Videos
  • Fast Download Speed


  • Website
  • Windows app
  • Mac app

#8. FB Downloader

FB Downloader is a fast and free way to download and save Facebook videos as MP4’s. FB downloader also enables you to convert Facebook videos to MP3 audio files.

Features of FB Downloader:

  • Download Facebook video
  • Download private Facebook video
  • Download live Facebook video
  • Download unlimited videos
  • Completely free


  • Website

12 Best Youtube Video Downloader in 2021

Are you looking to download YouTube videos using the best youtube video downloader? If yes then this article is especially for you because in this article I listed the 12 best youtube video downloaders in 2021.

What is Youtube Video Downloader?

YouTube video downloader is an online website and application. By using this website/application, you can easily download any videos from YouTube. This website/application comes with many excellent features. So it’s an important subject to know all about this type of website/application.

Top 12 Youtube Video Downloader

  1. DVDVideoSoft
  2. 4k video downloader
  3. Free Video Downloader for YouTube
  4. Airy
  5. BitDownloader
  8. Clip Converter
  9. x2Convert
  10. Y2mate
  11. Video Keeper
  12. Video Grabber

Best Youtube Video Downloader

1. DVDVideoSoft

DVDVideoSoft provides Free YouTube Downloader for PC, Mac, and Android.  DVDVideoSoft lets you download and convert YouTube videos, so you can watch them whenever you want. The best feature of DVDVideoSoft is you can also download youtube video subtitles.

Features of DVDVideoSoft:

  • Download Youtube video between MP4, MKV up to 8K UHD, WEBM, and MP3
  • Perform conversion to MP4, AVI, and MP3
  • Apply output name format patterns
  • Open lists of links from any text files
  • Transfer videos to iTunes automatically and convert them to iPhone / iPad / iPod
  • Download subtitles


  • Windows app
  • Mac app
  • Android app

2. 4k video downloader

The simplest video downloader, ever! Download video and audio from YouTube and similar services on macOS, PC and Linux absolutely for free! There are two versions of this software – one is the free version for which you do not need to pay anything. And, the second is the premium version which is paid.

Features of 4k video downloader:

  • Download video in HD quality
  • Download subtitles in one click
  • Download YouTube subscriptions
  • Download full playlists and channels
  • Download 3D video
  • Smart Mode Feature


  • Website
  • Windows app
  • Mac app

3. Free Video Downloader for YouTube (NotMP3)

Free Video Downloader for YouTube comes with no ads or unwanted extra applications – just a clear, simple, and well-designed tool for downloading YouTube videos, playlists, and channels in MP4, WEBM, and MP3 formats. It stands out with the following features:

Features of Free Video Downloader for YouTube:

  • Completely free
  • Easy to use
  • No ads or bundled software
  • Allows batch downloading
  • Unlimited number of downloads
  • Extremely fast downloads
  • Saves video with the most popular quality options and formats, including 4K and Full HD
  • Downloads entire YouTube playlists
  • Possibility to download videos from more than 1000 sites


  • Website

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4. Airy

Airy is an application developed by Eltima Software for downloading YouTube videos. It was first developed for the Mac OS but now supports Windows too. According to expert reviews, Airy is very useful and reliable for downloading YouTube videos and even extracting the audio from the downloaded clips.

Features of Airy:

  • YouTube content without ads.
  • High-quality YouTube videos at fast speeds.
  • Extraction of audio from video.
  • Can choose format and resolution.
  • Integrate app with browser.
  • Download entire YouTube playlists from channels with ease.
  • 60FPS videos from YouTube.
  • Subtitle file extraction in SRT format.
  • Can resume downloads.
  • Access to protected or age-restricted content.


  • Website
  • Windows app
  • Mac app

5. BitDownloader

BitDownloader is an online video downloader tool, you can easily and quickly download videos from a range of websites including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The tool is completely free.

Features of BitDownloader:

  • 100% FREE
  • No restrictions
  • Fast download speed
  • Cross-platform support
  • YouTube to MP4 Converter


  • Website


Vidpaw offers intuitive and authentic free tools and software including a video downloader, video converter, screen recorder, Blu-ray player & ripper, and so on.

Features of Vidpaw:

  • Online Video Downloader
  • Music Video Downloader
  • Powerful Video Converter
  • Download from 1,000 Sites
  • YouTube Subtitle Downloader
  • Multiple Downloads At Once
  • 20+ Popular Output Formats
  • Batch Download Tasks
  • 6X Fast Download Speed
  • Online Video Downloader from Websites


  • Website
  • Windows app
  • Mac app


Savefrom is an online video downloader that offers to download videos from almost all popular video streaming sites. Savefrom is a completely free tool to download the video

Features of savefrom:

  • Paste video URL to download.
  • Download videos from almost all sites.


  • Chrome Extension
  • Mozilla Extension

8. Clip Converter

Clip Converter is a free online media conversion application, which allows you to convert and download nearly any audio or video URL to common formats. Currently supported services: YouTube (HD, 720p, 1080p, 4K), Vimeo, Facebook Video, and many more.

Features of Clip converter:

  • Record screen.
  • Convert video.
  • Download video from URL


  • Website
  • Extension (not official)

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9. x2Convert

Best Youtube Video Downloader

x2Convert is a video downloading application which you can use to download videos from youtube. x2Convert extension is now available in the chrome store.

Features of x2Convert:

  • Download youtube video.
  • Works on any browser.
  • A chrome extension is available.


  • Website
  • Chrome extension

10. Y2Mate

Best Youtube Video Downloader

Y2Mate is not a different app. Y2Mate is also YouTube Video Downloader. Y2mate allows you to convert & download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Video, Dailymotion, Youku, etc.

Features of Y2mate:

  • Convert youtube video.
  • Download youtube video.


  • Website
  • Chrome extension

11. Video Keeper

Best Youtube Video Downloader

Video Keeper is an online video downloader site which you can use to download video from any video streaming site (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, TED, Instagram, Twitter, Metacafe, Lynda, Veoh, Break, VEVO, and many more). Video Keeper is managed by acethinker.

Features of Video Keeper:

  • Download video from any streaming site.
  • Save movies, videos, music to access offline.
  • Convert video to audio.
  • Edit audio and video.
  • Record screen.


  • Windows
  • Mac

12. Video Grabber

Best Youtube Video Downloader

Video Grabber is also a youtube video downloader because video grabber offers video downloading from most of the site and video grabber also offers video converting, video editing, and screen recording.

Features of video grabber:

  • Download video from any video sites.
  • Convert Video/Audio between Any Formats.
  • Record Your Computer Screen in One Click.
  • Edit video directly from browser.


  • Playstore
  • Appstore


In this article, I listed almost all the best youtube video downloaders. Now you need to choose which one is suitable for you.

Let me know in the comments if I missed any best youtube video downloader 🙂


Best Ways to Make Your Google Chrome Faster

Back in the day, Google Chrome was a lightweight and mean browsing machine that will load everything instantly. However, after a couple of years and countless updates, they’ve made this browser heavier and more complex.

This means that Google Chrome uses more of your PC’s resources, and sometimes the process gets slower.

In today’s article, we will go through some of the best ways to make your Google Chrome faster. There is no need to change between browsers, as these tips can help you bring your Chrome back to life.

1. Clean up Apps and Extensions

Currently, Chrome is basically its own platform, which enables you to install additional apps and extensions that run within.

There are many useful apps and extensions that can improve your overall browsing experience, but you have to understand that every single one of those apps and add-ons requires more resources in order to operate.

So, the more extensions and add-ons you have installed, the more bogged down and slowed your Chrome will operate. Additionally, most Chrome apps require access to some of your browsing activity. This means that over time you must check your list of installed extensions and remove everything you don’t use.

2. Examine The Apps You Decide to Keep

If you choose to hold on to some of the extensions, you should look closely at what sort of access they’re claiming. Some apps might need too much information from you, so you are better off removing them.

If you see an app listed as having access “on all sites,” it usually means that it can see and sometimes even modify what’s in your browser at all times. This is a potential danger for your privacy, and it slows down your browsing experience.

3. Avoid Opening too Many Tabs at Once

Some of us are more disorganized than others. If you are that person that keeps millions of tabs open, you should know that that action significantly slows down your browser performance. Try to improve your tab management. The best option is to develop a habit of closing all the tabs that you don’t use, but if that’s not the answer, you can download an extension that will manage them for you.

4. Allow Chrome to Preload Pages for You

The most frustrating thing when it comes to browser performance is waiting for a page to load. Can you imagine trying to load BetAmerica Extra MMA odds and it taking ages?

However, Chrome found a solution to this problem.

The solution is more like a cover-up, but at least it will take some of the pain away. The preload system works by looking at every link within a page that you’re viewing.

Google is using a magic algorithm to predict which link you are likely to click on, and it preloads the page before you actually click the link.

5. Clean Up Your Computer

Obviously, Chrome takes a significant part of your computer performance. This means that freeing up space on your computer might give your Chrome a better chance for improving its performance. If you haven’t cleaned up your computer for a long time, it is time to do that.

6. Start Fresh

Since Chrome is storing up cache data from websites, extensions and might get infected by malware, it is time to start fresh. You can uninstall Chrome from your PC and install it again.

That way, you’ll have a clean, fresh start with basic Chrome without anything to weigh it down.

Final Words

These are some of the ways you can improve your Google Chrome performance. Since browsers are becoming more complicated, sometimes your PC’s hardware performance can be an issue.

If you have outdated components, you cannot expect to run as smoothly as a couple of years ago.


8 Best Online Photo Editor in 2021

Are you looking for the best online photo editor? If yes then this article is especially for you because in this article I will tell you the 8 best online photo editor.

If you are still getting started with photography, maybe setting up your own photography website using WordPress themes such as the ones in this article, you might not have the money to invest in expensive photo editors such as Adobe Photoshop or the other Adobe tools.

However, most photographers, when they are creating a portfolio or editing pictures for themselves or for clients, will need to retouch their photos. This is when an online photo editing tool will come in handy.

Best Online Photo Editor

  1. Online photo editor (free)
  2. Pixlr (freemium)
  3. Instasize Photo Editor (freemium)
  4. Fotor (freemium)
  5. Befunky (freemium)
  6. PicMonkey (paid)
  7. iPiccy (free)
  8. Ribbet (freemium)

#1. Online Photo Editor

Online Photo Editor is the Best Free Advanced Photo Editing Tool, that helps you to edit photos without downloading any heavy application. This Tool Needs only a Browser and Internet Connection. This Online Photo Editor Tool lets you edit photos, apply photo effects, resize, sepia, crop, rotate, flip, and more.

#2. Pixelr

Pixlr, the World’s Favorite #1 Online Photo Editor lets you edit photos right in your browser for Free. Experience next-level, intuitive photo editing with AI-powered tools for quick yet professional edits.

#3. Instasize Photo Editor

Instasize is the photo editor toolkit for creatives. Easily edit photos and videos with premium photo filters, picture borders, collage maker, retouch tools, format photo resizer and so much more. … Enhance your image with editing tools including contrast, exposure, saturation, and clarity.

#4. Fotor

Fotor is a renowned photo editor, designed to bring powerful digital editing to you. Fotor is a renowned photo editor, designed to bring powerful digital editing to you. With basics such as 1-tap enhance, resize, crop, background remover, rotate and straighten, it also has many unique features.

#5. Befunky

BeFunky is a powerful, yet easy to use Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Graphic Designer for the web. It’s an all-in-one online platform that offers hundreds of fully customizable templates, a vast library of tools, and stunning design elements to choose from.

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#6. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is an online photo editing and design service. It can be accessed from a web browser, or through the PicMonkey mobile app. PicMonkey’s mission is to empower everyday creatives to communicate visually. Create beautiful photos, logos, social media graphics, and facebook covers with PicMonkey’s easy yet powerful photo editing and graphic design software.

#7. IPiccy

iPiccy has many powerful and easy to use photo editing tools right in your browser. Auto adjusts photos in one click, crop, rotate, and resize images in no time. Over 100+ photo effects and PRO-level photo enhancements, facial retouching, and frames. This is definitely the best place for your pictures!

#8. Ribbet

Overview. Ribbet is a free online photo editor and collage maker with beautiful filters, seasonal effects, touch-ups, stickers, and fonts. We also offer Premium membership for those users wishing to take advantage of our Premium editing tools.

As per my own experience, every online photo editor app has its own advantages.

If you want to go with advanced features in the free plan then I prefer this Online Photo Editor is best.

If you want to go with pricing then I prefer Pixelr because this tool offers good features but it costs money.


10 Best Online Video Downloading Sites using URL for Free

Are you looking for the best online video downloading sites? If yes then this article is especially for you because in this article I will tell you the Best Online Video Downloading Sites.

YouTube is one of the widest platforms for streaming video. This is, one of the most used and watched streaming websites all across the globe.

You will find tv shows, music videos, films, gaming content, news, educational videos and also personal entertainment vlogs.

If you have a slow or weak web connection, then it can be problematic for video streaming, and this is why we would recommend you to save your favorite content from YouTube to your local storage.

Technically it looks impossible because YouTube or any other site for that matter does not allow you to download their content. But in this source, we are going to list out the ten best tools that can help you save videos using URLs!

Before we tell you about the top ten tools, we want you to know the percentage of availability of videos on different platforms all across the globe!

  • YouTube covers 72% of the video content on the Internet.
  • 5% of content belongs to Netflix
  • 5% of content belongs to Vimeo
  • 4% content belongs to Dailymotion
  • Hulu takes 3% of the total share
  • Vube comes next with a 2%
  • Twitch comes with 2% as well
  • Liveleak has 2%, and Vine has 1%
  • All other websites contain the remaining 4% of videos

Best video downloader tools for URL downloading

We have gathered all this information after great research on hundreds of free and paid tools on the web. Read the below-mentioned details and use the tool that triggers your instinct!

1. SmallSeoTools

Online video downloader by Small seo tools is one of the best online tool you can find. This is the easiest tool that would help you save videos from every website on the Internet. You need to copy the URL of the video that you want to download and paste it into the input box given by the tool. This video downloader is a well-reputed tool that can be used for free. You can download videos unlimited with this online downloader.

2. 4k video downloader program

This online video downloader tool can be used for free and without any trouble. It is considered to be the perfect one for downloading complete batches or playlists of videos and that tool in high quality. There are two plans available with this program. The first plan is the basic and free one which can be used to save high-quality content with some limitations. The second plan is the one in which you have to get a personal or business license based on your requirements.

3. WinX video downloader

Another online video downloader tool that can be used to save videos from the Internet based on URLs. This is said to be one of the Deluxe tools that you can find online; this is an ideal platform that can help you in saving high quality as well as low-quality content. The operation of this program is easy and understandable. You can not only download videos with this tool, but you can also convert formats in your desired ones.

4. Snap downloader

This is one of the best video downloader tools that you can find online if you want to save content in 8k quality. You can save videos based on their URLs may they belong to YouTube or any other website. This is a downloadable tool that you can have on your device for free. This video downloader also has different packages concerning different limitations. It has one of the friendliest interfaces you will find on the web.

5. Video procs

This is a fast video downloader tool that can be used by anyone who wants to save content in their local storage. This downloader can help you save content from more than thousands of websites and that too for free. You have to copy the link/URL of the video from its origin and paste it in the designated box in the tool. It will find the content and download it in your desired quality. You can get special discounts on the paid packages of the tool.

6. Y2 Mate

Y2mate is a website tool that can help you in saving content from the Internet. It has an easy to use interface which can help you understand the working of the tool for sure. You can not only find and download videos via URL, but you can also do it with the help of keywords and links of the pages on which the video exists. There is no limitation in the use of this tool, and you can save as much content as you want.

7. YouTube video downloader

This is a great platform that can help you save content directly from YouTube using the links to the videos. This tool allows you the unlimited downloading of HD and SD videos from not only YouTube but also from Facebook. It supports multiple document formats and is compatible with all browsers.


This is another video downloader website tool that one should know about. This website tool is compatible with not only pcs but also with smartphones. The tool is integrated with more than dozens of websites and video streaming applications and can help you in unlimited downloading of content in your desired quality. It would be best if you had the URL of the video, and you are good to go.

9. Itubego

This video downloader tool is compatible with all devices and has strong integrations with almost every video streaming website. This online tool is usually used to save the content of lower quality as it doesn’t support the saving of HD content. You can also download or save the complete batch of files with this online tool. This is also a URL based grabber program

10. Bit downloader

This is a free video downloader tool that can save content from all the major platforms hosting video content on the Internet. You can also download the application on your device or can use it online. You don’t have to worry about any copyright issues and restrictions with this program. Just keep inputting the URL of the video and saving it on your device!


A quick guide to understanding the concept of coding test

Do you know there is no connection between Java and Javascript? And this python is a programming language of a high standard? Let us have a look at the different things you can enjoy when you have a professional coder by your side.

It is challenging to decode those skills while employing a creator, a codec, or even a programmer with a non-technical context. The IT world is a complete and continually changing ecosystem. It’s hard to grasp the whole paradigm with an excellent technological experience, which makes it overwhelming to recruit the right guy. You can hire the best expert by conducting a coding test.

Many experts from different Allied Tech Recruiting and Retention completed an informative poll that found that 50% of managers are worried about the best technological talent. Thus it is essential to hire a coder. 

Many recruiting managers ask about retaining a programmer when coding or scripting is not a useful competence. It is a concern even when you use a traditional hiring technique to hire a developer/coder/programmer. Conventional recruitment strategies do not work for a developer.

A coder needs to understand the nook and corner of the organization.

A typical error by recruiters when recruiting a coder is that they don’t grasp the job description. Thus you need to prepare a proper coding test to check their efficiency before you hire a coder. If a programmer is recruited, it may seem a manageable company, but you must consider the company’s correct position. The program the company is going to create must be known. Need anyone for the front end or an administrator of a database? Will a programmer back-end or is the developer in a full-stack fit? Each function has a particular combination of ability, technology, architecture, and language. Therefore it is a simple challenge not to find out the exact specifications of the business. You must ensure that your decision-making does not represent your non-technical experience.

A coder can be your best companion.

Online recruiting was a groundbreaking method developed by specialists to enable workers to recruit effectively quickly. To ensure market and organizational success, the appearance of various careers and specializations has gained sophistication hires the best expertise within a fixed period. This includes many recruiting practices such as screening, face-to-face interviews, reviews, and appraisal of the applicants, depending on their performance.

Online code training aids recruiters test and assesses their applicants based on exam results accompanied by online assessments.

It’s a programmer who will be the reason for constructing certain products that mobilize the process by using technologies to resolve the most complex solutions for a company.

Useful in evaluating

There are critical questions about the leading Java, C, C, C++, Python, R, OOPs, fundamental coding problems, and more in the Online Programming Exam. Assess candidate code expertise for seasoned applicants via the Java Coding Exam. Virtual machine-based simulations from Talview deliver the cloud-based virtual machine environment, assessing their performance in a business environment. The recruiters will assess the programmers in real-time and provide advice and suggestions to simplify the process.

Saves time

A programmer might still have time in the world in a perfect world, but market constraints must be investigated. The standard is non-negotiable with the deadlines to be reached. An online code test lets the recruiters assess the time required to overcome more challenging challenges, which can be readily calculated from the interviews’ outcomes and performance, providing recruiters with an insight into the abilities and core competencies of the applicant.


The typical means of recruiting are incredibly costly, where the businesses incur external consulting fees, travel returns, infrastructure, stationery expenses, etc. Internet video interviews and reviews allow Talent Heads to reduce recruitment costs and simplify the process efficiently.

Talents ought to be in the right place in any region of the country. The recruiter should never be obsessed with judging them. Online code training and video interviews allow you to philter the company’s best candidate without the full expense of recruiting.

We are recruiting for available vacancy costs around $15,000. The cost of recruit can be lowered by TTI 50%.

The skilled team at work

Online coding testing allows recruiters to combine their company’s professionals and best programmers. Manual assessments may lead to mistakes leading to marginal jobs and research. In the following business sectors, the specialist programmers would be responsible for important decisions like:

  1. The developer of the Mobile App
  2. Specialist in cloud integration
  3. Specialist in computing
  4. SAAS experts

The online code test allows recruiters to assess the ability to code along with other team play considerations of the applicant, which are of considerable importance to the cultural fit. Hence Talview provided an assessment engine for the code and other resources, such as asynchronous interviews, live interviews, psychometric testing, and more.


The aspect of programming is another significant and forgotten component. Project managers are also keen to complete the tasks, resulting in released products without adequate checking for defects and glitches. The consequence is a lot of market reworking and failure that has recently been done. With online code evaluation, the test cases may be configured to test the code’s consistency, which implies explicitly the sustainable application of the software generated by the programmer, in compliance with real-time business issues. It would also allow recruiters to determine how simple the programmer knows the software or code.

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If your marketing or writing skills like HTML and CSS are your new best mates, you must remember to use a standard newsletter template. You will mark the material according to the exact format and style that you or your manager is looking for with the opportunity to build models from scratch.

You will function separately, best of all. You are trying to remove all the hours wasted on research and design departments. You are not going to wait for other people to make edits. And if resources and budget are minimal, you will retain this sharp and fresh vision of your content. This is all about the importance of hiring a coder. He can help stay connected with the trends and maintain the right pace of development.


9 Best Instagram Video Downloader in 2021

Are you looking for the best Instagram video downloader? If yes then this article is especially for you because in this article I will tell you the 9 best Instagram video downloaders.

These Instagram video downloader helps you to download any public video posted on Instagram and IGTV.

Best Instagram Video Downloader

  1. 4k Stogram
  2. Instadownloader
  3. Ingramer
  4. DownloadGram
  5. W3Toys
  7. DownloadInstagramVideos
  8. KeepVid
  9. InstaOffline

#1. 4k Stogram

Free Instagram Downloader for macOS, PC and Linux. Search, download or backup Instagram photos shared by any user. Explore and download Instagram photo and video content from different places around the world. Subscribe to favorite Instagram accounts, hashtags, and locations in-app — download all their existing and upcoming posts automatically.

#2. Instadownloader

Instadownloader is the best Instagram video downloading tool. you can use this tool to download Instagram videos and Instagram photos. All you have to do is just copy the URL of the video or photo (Image) from Instagram then paste it in the above input text box.

#3. Ingramer

Ingramer is a popular Instagram tool for video downloading, photo downloading, and story downloading and IGTV video downloading. Ingramer supports downloads from Instagram regardless of the operating system and device type. It is possible to save catchy vids to your iPhone, Android, and computer. The only rule – you might have to free up some memory on a device.

#4. DownloadGram

Downloadgram is also an Instagram video downloader. you can also download Instagram photos, Instagram reels, and IGTV videos. The best part of this tool is you can download videos and photos in high quality.

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#5. W3Toys

W3Toys is a very popular Instagram video downloader. This tool is not different from others, you can also download Instagram photos and videos using this tool. The worst part of this tool is it comes with tons of ads.

#6. is also an Instagram video downloader and you can download anything from Instagram using this tool. is not only Instagram video downloader this tool offers video downloading from many popular platform (i.e – Facebook, Youtube)

#7. DownloadInstagramVideos is a website to download Instagram videos to your computer, mobile or tablet. With – Instagram Video Downloader, you can convert and download Instagram videos in Ultra High Quality MP4 format. They developed this tool because Instagram does not allow you to download videos or photos.

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#8. KeepVid

Keepvid excels at Instagram video downloading. It can also download IG stories and IGTV videos, so you can watch them offline. But that’s not all. Keepvid can also convert Instagram videos to mp3 in seconds. Try Keepvid when you need a good instagram downloader, and you will not be disappointed. All other tools claim it, but none can match our sound quality.

#9. InstaOffline

Instaoffline is a powerful web tool for downloading and saving media off Instagram. It is the best and easiest online tool for anyone wanting to download: Instagram sideshow posts (aka carousel posts), Instagram images, Instagram videos, and IGTV. You aren’t required to install any software. All you need is a link to the Instagram content you want to download, and our Instaoffline do all the processing.


5 Best Free OCR Tools to Convert Images into Text Easily

Optical character recognition is how the world is changing these days. With an increased need of processing data every day, it is hard to keep track of everything and catch up with the pace.

This article introduces the 5 best OCR tools free to use by anyone.

No one has time anymore to write go through all the old documents and write them down again so they can be editable instead of just being a hard copy of something.

Converting them into a text again would require hard labor which will not just cost the company money but a lot of time as well.

All of these problems are now solved by the OCR tools who convert your images into text and let you focus on important things.

It can be a picture from the internet that has some text on it, your old files that you want to be rewritten in a soft copy, or any other form of an image.

You can directly copy-paste the images from the internet or scan your documents. You can also take the picture of the papers that you want to convert into text and the tools will work as long as the text is still readable.

Here are the top 5 free OCR tools that you can make use of:


Prepostseo is one of the most famous tools when it comes to optical character recognition. You can upload the image in different forms and all the text is written in that specific file will be extracted and you will be given a normal text file as the result.

While it was just a dream to do so a few years ago, it is a reality now that you can use in your favor.

All you have to do is upload an image from your computer, mobile, or any other place, crop the area out where you don’t want to use the software to search for any text, and let the software do its work.

You can also upload a URL of any image that you want to extract text from, and it will do exactly the same with it. It can be a link from Google, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other social.

If the text in the images is in some other language than English, then you can choose the other languages option in the side menu and convert the whole text into that language instead.


This platform allows you to not only convert images to text one file at a time but converting a whole bulk of pictures at once.

Instead of uploading one image at a time, downloading it, and uploading one again, you can now simply upload a bulk of pictures and you will receive documents after the conversion of those pictures.

This tool is the most reliable as it has multiple built-in engines which makes it easier for you to have a text file without any data loss.


This tool helps you differentiate between even the file that you want to create in the end.

While it is flexible with the kind of file you will be uploading on the platform for processing, it also lets you decide what kind of file you will be downloading from it.

Whether you want a normal text file or want a proper word document, you can just choose the option that suits you the best and you will be served accordingly. It is to make sure that you will be able to make use of the file after you convert the image to text right after you get it.

It also helps you choose your files from different platforms and is not just limited to your computer. If the pictures are on a google drive, uploaded on a platform like Pinterest, or in your dropbox, you can just connect that source with the tool to convert image to text. You can use this option if there are multiple pictures and you cannot keep downloading them on your computer to convert the text. Simply attach your platform to the tool and keep uploading all the images directly from there.

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If you are a student who is trying to copy the previous work or just trying to get away with an essay pre-written in a book, you are aware of how hard it is to convert images to text manually. This tool provides you with the special functionalities at not just a low price, but absolutely free.

You can use this tool online to convert image to text without having to pay anything and without losing any time. You can just upload the images which contain your data and all of it will be converted to a Word file which you can then download.

This tool also lets you either directly upload the image from your computer or just provide a path from the internet which can be followed by the tool to reach the real image.

You can convert your textbooks, the invoices that you need to make changes to, or old company documents which you want to reuse now.

The cloud system is taking over the world and it is hard to deal with any of the papers in the hard form anymore. You can save time, money, and resources by using this small SEO tool.


There are three languages involved in using this tool when you want to convert images to text. The first step is to select the language your image has been written in so the text output can be in the same language as well. There is a wide range of languages in which you can convert your image to text for free.

The second step is informing the system whether or not your file a regular file or if it’s a URL. In the third step, you can just simply click on the converted image to text button, and your image will be automatically and magically converted into text.


4 Steps to Optimize Images for Your Blog

Do you hesitate about image optimization for your blog? Don’t know how to do that? Do you think it’s too difficult and time-consuming? 

Then this post is right for you. If you stick by the end of the article, you’ll know how you can optimize your blog images by going through these 4 easy steps.

Image Optimization: What? Why? How?

What is image optimization? Actually, it’s a process of resizing and compressing images to the smallest possible size and weight without reducing the overall image quality.

So, why is image optimization so important for your blog? Here are some facts and statistics to demonstrate why it’s vital for your site. The very first thing to know is that delays are killing. Really. Thus, according to the studies, even a 1-second delay in page load can harm and result in:

  • 11% fewer page views;
  • 16% decrease in user satisfaction;
  • 7% loss in conversions.

In its turn, 21% of a total webpage’s weight averagely is made up of images. Yes! Thereby, when it comes to optimizing your blog, it’s the images to start with.

Yes, big and bright visuals properly used can boost your blog but they can make things even worse if using them wrong.

How to optimize images? Below you’ll find 4 easy steps to do for image optimization and improving your blog, making it faster and much more user-friendly. 

Step 1: Acquire Imagery Legally

The very first thing is to get high-quality images and photos for your blog. Another crucial thing is that you should do that legally. There are 2 ways to choose from:

  1. Make a photo/image by yourself;
  2. Go to the photo stock or photo editors.

Today there is no need to grab any images because there are such services as with millions of ready designs, images, photos of any themes, purposes on offer. Using it, you can also create your own visuals for any event and goal. The highlight of the service is that there you can find tons of free visuals along with paid imagery. Choose an option that suits your blog and use it for your site.

Step 2: Choose the Right File Format

There are 3 file formats commonly used for web sites. Here they are:

  • PNG is the best for logos, graphics, text-heavy designs, screenshots. Also, the format is used for images with transparent backgrounds. It has a larger file size, but it produces higher quality images.
  • JPEG is used for photographs and images with people, places, etc. Images and photos of the format can be adjusted with the perfect balance of quality and file size.
  • GIF uses 256 colors only and is the best for animated images.

Herewith, remember 2 things that JPEG is used for photos and PNG for graphics/text, GIF — animations. Definitely, besides the aforementioned formats, there are a lot of others, but not all the browsers adequately support them. So, it’s better to choose out of these 3 options. Also, before you start to modify blog images, check the format, and change it if needed.

Step 3: Mind Image Dimensions

There is always the temptation to use the best of the best and the largest of the largest. But you should be careful with your image dimensions. The truth is that there is no point in adding enormously large and heavy photos to your blog. It’s reasonable to choose the size of the images depending on the CMS and the theme used for your site. Commonly, the following sizes are used for blog websites:

  • 1,200 px X 630 px for blog graphics; 
  • 500 px X 500 px for headshot; 
  • 250 px X 300 px for sidebar.

So, when you download the image or photo with high resolution and large dimension, make sure to scale it to the proper size and weight. Thus, you can optimize the image 94% from 1.8 MB up to 103 KB only, for example.

Step 4: Compress Images

The next thing to do is to compress your images. Compression plays a critical role in image optimization. However, you should be careful when compressing images not to overdo it. Let’s see the widespread ways to compress images for blog sites. Mind that the settings depend a lot on a tool you use for the purpose.

Way 1. The most common ones like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, On1 Photo, Affinity Photo, and others have built-in compression features — all you need to choose the option that suits you most of all.

Way 2. Also, you can save the needed images as usual and go to third-party services like TinyPNG, JPEG Mini, and others for much easier compression.

Way 3. Use the plugins of your CMS. If you use WordPress, for example, there you can install the plugins that will compress all the images loaded automatically.

Bottom Line

It’s no secret that the visuals and images included are crucial for your blog. Due to the fact that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, images are perfect for attracting attention and boosting user engagement. However, without the optimization, large and heavy images can bring to naught all your efforts. Now you know how you can solve the problem in 4 easy steps:

  1. Go to the trusted photo stocks;
  2. Choose the right file format;
  3. Size your image;
  4. Compress the visuals without a quality loss.

Follow the advice and watch how visuals do magic with your blog!